Quick + Easy Thai Green Chicken Curry – Teaching Teens To Cook

It’s with complete self interest that I teach my two teens to cook. The more they can cook, the less I have to.

When I’ve got them up to scratch, I’ll be starting on their dad.

Dexbox, Mr Teen13, often stir fries chicken for dinner and serves it with wraps. He doesn’t seem to have mastered the vegetables yet, how odd.

Teenager stir fries chicken

Here he is stir frying. The words on the splashback are the twins’current sight words by the way. We write them up with Smiggle’s liquid chalk.

When I made a Thai green chicken curry last week, he loved it and was keen to give it a whirl. No problem son!

This recipe is from Philadelphia and comes straight off the tub of their Philly Cream for Curry – Thai Green Cury.

green thai curry with philadephia


Here’s the original recipe

Thai Green Chicken Curry

Serves: 4  Preparation: 10 mins   Cooking Time: 20 mins

1. Combine 3 sauteed sliced spring onions to 400g of cooked chicken tenderloins, cut into strips.

2. Stir through 250ml of PHILADELPHIA Thai Green Curry Cream for Curry Stir Through Sauce and simmer until heated through.

3. Toss trough 100g blanched snow peas, 100g trimmed and cooked green beans and heat gently. Serve immediately over steamed rice with a sprinkle of roughly chopped coriander. 

Thai green chicken curry philadelphia


Dex did adapt the recipe a wee bit to suit our family, here’s what he cooked.

Thai Green Chicken Curry- Adapted

500 g free range chicken breast strips

3 spring onions

250ml tub PHILADELPHIA Thai Green Curry Cream For Curry Stir Through Sauce (or Philly Cream for Curry plus any Thai Green Curry Paste)

100 g frozen peas

100g frozen corn

1. Slice spring onions finely and quickly stirfry

2. Stir fry the chicken strips in a wok until golden and cooked through.

3. Add in Green Curry Cream For Curry and stir through.

4. Steam corn and peas in microwave for two minutes.

5. Add peas and corn to chicken and stir through.

6. Run into garden and snip off little bits of coriander for garnish.

7. Serve on brown rice and enjoy.

(You can click the ‘Print Friendly’ button at the bottom of the page to print this recipe out.)

He did a good job, didn’t he?  That’s another notch on his wooden spoon.


 Have your children started cooking?

What do they like to make?

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This post is sponsored by Philadelphia. I’m proud to partner with Philly since it’s been in my family fridge since I was just a wee girl in Scotland in the 1960’s. It’s stood the test of time.
For more Philadelphia inspired recipes, check out www.philly.com.au
No teens were harmed during the making of this curry. 
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Posted on: November 21, 2012


  • Reply November 21, 2012


    Good work !!! It’s great when children learn and you know that when they go out into the big bad world they will at least be able to feed themselves !!! K cooks once a week – she keeps trying different recipes that she finds on the internet somewhere. It’s great – want to try to increase it to twice a week !!!!
    Have a great day !

    • Reply November 22, 2012


      I would so love anyone to cook something new for me. Maybe that’s why I love eating out so much. With the wee ones, the food requests are very monotonous, glad the teens are getting more adventurous now.

  • Reply November 21, 2012

    Desire Empire

    I made the original and thought it was delicious. So did the hubs.

    Your version looks great. My boy shows little interest in the kitchen so far.


    • Reply November 22, 2012


      Yes, yummy and I have another pot of the cream in the fridge. Look forward to seeing your recipe soon!

  • My girls love cooking. I started making cakes with Grace when she was about 18 months and now Cerys joins in too. It is hard work for me, but they really love it so we do it often!
    I’m not sure they’re ready for this one yet though! xx

  • Reply November 23, 2012


    Looks great! My teen is a pretty good cook – but she seems to just cook for herself. Something wrong there.

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