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Hello, have you been to the cinema recently with babies or young children?  Do you know how many Sydney cinemas aim to be child-friendly? (Read my list of all the baby crysing rooms and child-friendly screenings in Sydney here.)

And here’s a post from Linda Anderson of  Linda On The Go.

She visited the Crying Room at Reading Cinema Rhodes.



Reading Cinema Rhodes – Crying Rooms

If you love going to the movies and have a bub or toddler in tow then you will love Crying Rooms!

Reading Cinema Rhodes has two – they are essentially a little sound proof room positioned in a prime viewing area. You can see the main screen easily through the viewing window but nobody else can hear your little angel crying.

The Crying Room means you can go to any movie, at any time, on any day in that cinema which offers much more flexibility than weekly Mums & Bubs sessions you will find elsewhere.

If you make a trip to Rhodes Reading Cinema be sure to leave enough time for a quick visit to IKEA too!



Reading Cinema Rhodes

Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre

1 Rider Boulevard

Rhodes 2138

Phone:9736 7900


Times: All screenings in Cinemas 4 and 5

Crying Rooms are located in the two largest cinemas which means you get to see the latest release movies. Each has nine seats, however avoid sitting in the front row as the seats are really low down and makes the screen harder to see.

Strollers can be left in the front of the cinema. Most people will bring a baby in a baby carrier, capsule or even bring a little bouncer to put on the floor.

You can’t see which movies are on in Cinema 4 and 5 by visiting the website but if you call the cinema you will reach a recorded message. Dial 4 for Crying Room session times.

Baby change: There is a change table available in each Crying Room. It is has a dimmer light switch available to ensure you can change a nappy without disturbing other parents or blinding your baby with a bright light.

Map reference:

Parking: Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre has a large underground carpark. Reading Cinemas Rhodes’ ticket holders can enjoy FOUR HOURS of free parking seven days a week.  What’s better, if you enter the carpark after 6pm, parking is unlimited and FREE!

Bus stop nearby: Yes – Route 458

Train: Rhodes Train Station is a 5 minute walk away


Hooray for all the Sydney cinemas that are baby, toddler and child-friendly.  

The parents of Sydney salute you?

Have you visited a crying room?

What did you think?

Happy movie going,


Linda’s also written a post about taking bubs to the movies, find it here.

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Posted on: July 17, 2014


  • What a brilliant idea.
    Now Mums are not restricted to just one session time a week and of course go to the movies with hubbie for a night out.

  • I wish this was around when my boys were babes. Will share this one x

    • Reply July 18, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Thanks Rebecca, much appreciated. How are you all going? Hope you’re well.

  • Reply July 19, 2014

    Hope @ NannyShecando

    Wow this is brilliant. I wish I knew about this about three weeks ago!!! A crying, fidgety, screaming baby was definitely not fun whilst I was eying to let Miss7 have a fun day out at the movies. Will definitely be going there next time we head to the movies.

  • Reply August 4, 2017


    You can now see which movie timings are held in the halls with a crying room on the website, makes booking so much easier!

    • Reply August 5, 2017

      Seana Smith

      That’s great to hear!

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