Going Down! The Scenic Cableway at Katoomba’s Scenic World

Scenic Cableway Scenic World Blue Mountains

Hang onto your hats, and your tummies too!

The Scenic Cableway at Scenic World is seriously steep, and although this is the last blog post in the Scenic World series, don’t think the ride is any less thrilling than the Scenic Railway or the Scenic Skyway.

 Scenic Cableway bottom station at Scenic World Katoomba

I hope the photo above, taken as the Cableway swoops down to the lower station, gives some idea of how steep the descent is. It’s scary in a good way.

 Scenic Cableway at Scenic World Katoomba twins

The twins were just a tad nervous when they saw this ahead of them!  They were very brave, but there’s always a place for holding Mum’s hand, don’t you think?

Scenic Cableway at Scenic World Katoomba -2

Everybody say: ‘YIKES!”

The fully enclosed Scenic Cableway is just over half a kilometre long. You can ride down into the Jamison Valley, and come straight back up if you want to.

Or you can have a walk along the Scenic Walkway for a while, perhaps walking along to the Scenic Railway for the ride back up.

Scenic Cableway at Scenic World Katoomba-3

Here’s a view from the side window on a less steep part. It’s amazing to see the huge sandstone cliffs of the escarpement close too as the Cableway goes down.

There’s actually no need to be afraid. Look at the size of the mechanics that make the Cableway run.

How impressive is that engineering?

Scenic Cableway at Scenic World Katoomba 1

My kids loved looking at these wheels as the spun around lifting and lowering the Cableway.

They kept themselves amused in other ways too, of course. Give me back my phone, twins!

Twins wait for cableway at Scenic World Katoomba

Rare moment of sibling togetherness.

This is the last of our five posts about Scenic World.

The kids and I have really enjoyed our visits and we’ll certainly be going there again.

Wishing you a lovely weekend and happy travels with the family.

What fun are you planning for the weekend?



This blog is proudly sponsored by Scenic World.

For general information about Scenic World and its good value prices for families, click here.

Click here for info about and photos of the Scenic Railway.

Click here for info about and photos of the Scenic Skyway.

Click here for info about and photos of the Scenic Walkway.





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Posted on: August 16, 2013


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    Desire Empire

    That must be a new feature up there as I haven’t been on that one. It sure is a stunning part of the world.

  • Reply August 17, 2013


    looks like a great way to travel down the valley! Must add to list of things to do with my boy! Thanks!

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