Sculpture By The Sea 2019: Visiting With Kids

The Sun Also Rises by New Zealand sculptor Morgan Jones has won the 2019 $70,000 Aqualand Sculpture Award. Photo credit: Clyde Yee


Sculpture By The Sea runs from 24th October – 10th November in 2019, its 23rd year. This is the largest free and public outdoor sculpture exhibition in the world, with over 100 sculptures along the 2km walk.

Sounds great, yes?!  Well it is, but it can also be bloody hard to manage with children, mainly because of the massive crowds and because it can be hard to get to, and almost impossible to find a parking space if you choose to drive.

More than 450,000 visitors are expected to descend upon Bondi and Tamarama over the 18 days of the exhibition!!  The combination of crowds, open water and cliffs is enough to turn any parent’s hair white.

So how to have a fun trip to Sculpture By The Sea 2019 with the family in tow?

sculpture by the sea 2019
The Statue of Mad Liberty by Wang Kaifang. Photo credit: Clyde Yee



Here are some tips from our family and others: 

Think about leaving the littlest kids at home.  Sculpture By The Sea is fun and there are plenty of wonderful things for kids to see. Older children who love to take photos will get a huge amount of enjoyment from it. But will your toddler really appreciate the finer points of each sculpture’s intent? Could you possibly leave tiny ones at home?  Do swaps with a friend?

Pack up brekkie the night before and leave super early. If the kids get up at 6am go then. The big crowds start around 8am – 9am but it isn’t too bad before then.

Remember there are sets of stairs: a baby carrier is much better than a stroller!

Start at Tamarama rather than Bondi: this might help beat some of the crowds.

Go midweek rather than at weekends, the crowds really are smaller. But still go early or go late!

There’s no shade as you walk. Hats and water and sunscreen are a must… even when going early or late, do take them all. 

That Awakening Colossus Awkerns by Egor Zigura. Photo credit: H Fanti

Pamela Nordman says:

I’ve gone the last few years in the hour before sunset to avoid crowds and have a chance at parking. But with babies or toddlers I parked twice as they can’t walk the whole way.

Julie Jones says:

Go early in the season before the social media hype. Be prepared to circle for parking or pay for parking at Bondi Beach. The club at Icebergs, the pub style area, is great for a meal before or after.

Thru by Katja Grinling. Photo credit: Clyde Yee

Getting To Sculpture By The Sea

There are council car parks at Bondi by the beach and some free street parking around Bondi and Tamarama too. But Sculpture By The Sea does encourage people to take public transport if they can.

Do check out the Getting There page on the Sculpture By The Sea website here.

Sculpture By The Sea 2019

Sculpture Inside

See smaller sculptures at this indoor exhibition by both Australian and international sculptors.

Where:  ‘Sculpture Inside’ marquee in Mark’s Park, Tamarama, Sydney on the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition trail

When: 9.00am – 6pm Monday to Friday 9.00am – 7.00pm Saturday & Sunday


sculpture by the sea
Between by Danai Kotsaki. Photo credit: Charlotte Curd

Free Tactile Tours

Visitors with disability and their carers are invited to participate in a free Tactile Tour of some of the sculpture in the exhibition with experienced guides.

Find out more on the website here.

Sculpture By The Sea 2019 Map

Map from Sculpture By The Sea website


Sculpture By The Sea Website

Find the Sculpture By The Sea Bondi 2019 website here



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