Self-Care on Saturday 7: Leaving The Laptop Behind

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Well, it’s been a mixed up week of transitions and comings and goings.

Bethany au pair flew off to New Zealand, then a few hours later our Intn’l Man of Mystery flew in from Kurdistan.

It’s a sharp and hilarious contrast to go from living with a lively and lovely 24 year old American to a lanky Scottish 45 year old engineer of the strong and silent variety.

Time at home, very happy kids and most kids at the right school at the right time. Small victories in parenthood!

And now I’ve zoomed off to Jervis Bay for the weekend. With one little daughter and our girly pals.

Without the laptop.

Without the hubby and boys too, which wasn’t the plan… but when was the last time the plan worked out anyway?

Hope that you’ll have a bit of relaxation this weekend.

A bit of time for reflection, gratitude and all the good stuff.

Amidst the cooking, cleaning and the chaos.

Take it easy.


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Posted on: February 16, 2013

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