Shark Beach at Neilsen Park

Shark Beach is a truly gorgeous glistening gem of a beach on Sydney Harbour. Set within Neilsen Park, Shark Beach makes an idea place to enjoy a swim and a sunbathe, a splash and a sand dig. There’s also a cafe/restaurant and kiosk at Shark Beach, and… no sharks! 

Shark Beach wide shot from above at Bottle and Glass Point
Shark Beach seen from above, this is from Bottle and Glass Point, just take the steps up on the eastern side of the beach
Shark Beach views across the harbour
A terrific spot for children with its sheltered waters, Shark Beach has wonderful views towards manly and back to the city too

Shark Beach Overview

A large shark net protects a huge swimming area during the summer months, so no need to be worried about a close encounter of the shark kind. There are also picnic areas, plenty of shade underneath trees, outdoor showers and lovely walks to enjoy too. The only downside to Shark Beach is that it can get very busy so go very early on public holidays and warm summer weekends. Parking can be a pest too, but public transport from the city centre is very easy, see below.

Neilsen Park Shark Beach Sydney 32
Here you can see the shark net which encloses almost all of the beach. People do swim and play outside the shark net too though

Shark Beach Information

Greycliffe Avenue, Nielsen Park, Vaucluse NSW 2030

Shark Beach should really be known as Sharkproof Beach since a swimming enclosure embraces most of it. This is a fantastic family beach with beautiful rocky, bushy headlands and clean creamy-coloured sand. There are marvellous views towards Mosman and Manly.

Shark Beach is within Neilsen Park which is part of Sydney Harbour National Park. Its vast, ancient fig trees look like gargantuan bearded beings from a past era, but they do provide lots of shade and there are picnic tables beneath them.  Sounds blissful? It is, and thus it gets murderously packed out on hot summer weekends and holidays.

On the east side of the beach there are steps up to Bottle and Glass Point, there are lovely views here and this area is good for a picnic, so long as your kids are not bolters. There’s a short circular walk here.

You can snorkel along the shark net and you might catch a glimpse of some of the seahorses which make Shark Beach their home.

shady areas of Shark beach
You can find shady spots to sit right beside the beach

Mum’s report: Rocky areas on each side of the beach are great for Robinson Crusoe games. This is a spectacular harbour beach and one that has become very special to my kids.

Shark Beach Cafe: The Nielsen is a cafe restaurant on the beachfront at Shark Beach, with a kiosk section too. There are some tables outside the kiosk where patrons can sit to eat their meals and snacks.  The kiosk is open from 8am seven days a week. The restaurant itself has inside tables and a contemporary Italian menu. Check out The Nielsen website here. 

Toilets: There’s a toilet and change block at the east side of the beach, there are outdoors fresh water showers in this area too. 

Shade: Lots in the park, none on the beach 

Shark Beach parking: Street parking on Greycliffe Avenue and surrounding streets 

Bus Trip: Bus number 325 goes from the city centre and stops at Greycliffe Avenue from where it’s a five minute walk along good paths to the beach. The journey takes 30 – 40 minutes and buses leave about every half an hour or so.  Use the TripView app to plan your visit. 

Dogs are not allowed into Neilsen Park and the beach.

Neilsen Park Shark Beach Sydney 22
Neilsen Park Shark Beach Sydney 35
Neilsen Park Shark Beach Sydney 28

What a glorious spot. This beach is an excellent one for visitors to Sydney to explore, being easy to get to and very sheltered. It’s quite a contract to the surf beaches out on the ocean side, like Manly Beach and iconic Bondi Beach.

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Happy exploring and here’s to happy swimming, shark-free!

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