Sky Zone Miranda: Huge Trampolines, Great Climbing + A Good Cafe Too


sky zone miranda sydney

News! Sky Zone is offering Sugar Free Kids Parties, read all about them here!

My daughter, who loves to jump, took one look at the massive range of trampolines at Sky Zone Miranda and set off like a rocket.

We’d been invited to check out the revamped Sky Zone at Westfield Miranda and she was prepared to give everything a serious workout.

sky zone sydney miranda

The Enduro zone is only found at the Miranda Sky Zone. It’s a high perfomance zone, with plenty of staff making sure jumpers go one at a time and follow the rules.

I got a workout too, just following her as she whizzed around.  She doesn’t miss a trick, especially when it’s a midair one.

So here follows all you need to know about Sky Zone Miranda.

sky zone miranda sydney

Jumpers have to do a quick test for the Enduro zone and are well supervised.

Sky Zone Miranda – Top 5 Reasons To Visit 

  1. It’s a massive space with many play zones
  2. The Enduro ninja warrior course is found only here
  3. Sky Climb zone is big and colourful, it was my daughter’s favourite zone, she says
  4. Suits children of all ages, from soft play to superfit teenagers
  5. The Sky Zone Cafe has been made over with kids and adult-friendly menus. The cafe has a nice ambience, it’s an easy place to relax and watch the kids if they are old enough to jump and clim without you right by their side


sky zone miranda sydney

The slack rope in the Enduro zone is hard work!


Sky Zone Miranda – The Info

G121 Westfield Miranda, 600 Kingsway, Miranda

Phone: 137599

Sky Zone Miranda website here

Age groups: Walkers can jump, there’s a Little Leaper area of the trampolines kept free for children aged 2+. The soft play area is terrific for your toddlers.

Sky Climb is for children aged 5+ or over 110cm height.

Opening hours:  Sunday – Thursday 10am – 8pm

Friday- Saturday 10am – 10pm


Sky Zone Pricing:

Jumping:  One hour $18, two hours  $25

Climbing:  One hour $18, two hours $30

Specials: there are daily deals, check the website for current offers

Top tips:  Book online to keep life simple. Go early to avoid the crowds.  Climbing books out quickly so always book ahead.


How to find Sky Zone

Sky Zone is on the ground floor of Westfield Miranda, right beside JB Hifi and Lincraft. It is alongside the pedestrian entrance from Urunga Parade. Find a map of the shopping centre here.  The parking accessed from Jackson Avenue is closest.


sky zone sydney miranda

Bounce and fly in the Kiss The Sky zone

sky zone sydney miranda

The foam pit is great fun for all ages, but the beam and ladder are really difficult to stay on

sky zone miranda sydney

Bouncing basketball zone is cool for the older kids

sky zone sydney miranda

This is the Little Leapers area of the huge trampoline zone


sky clim miranda

Safety briefings happen hourly at 15 minutes past the hour, climbers start their climbs at half past

Sky Climb Miranda

My Ms Almost12 said that this was the best best best part of her visit.

sky clim at Sky zone miranda

Finding the harness a bit tricky to put on

sky climb at sky zone miranda

Straight up the wall like a rat up a drainpipe

sky climb at sky zone miranda

Getting going is easy and the kids clip themselves in and out of the safety ropes. But help is always at hand

sky climb at sky zone miranda

Now that looks blooming tricky

sky climb miranda

Oh pretty! That’s my fave

Extras at Sky Zone Miranda

  • You can do a couple of extra adrenalin-fuelled jumps and slides at the climbing zone.
  • There are classes and holiday camps available
  • School groups can be booked in too
  • Parties, this is party central of course
  • There’s a great dodgeball zone, and competitions are held
party sky zone Miranda

Check the website for all the info about parties at Sky Zone Miranda

sky zone miranda soft play zone

Here’s a wide shot of the large soft play area for the under fives area. It’s beside the party zone, very handy for the younger siblings


sky zone miranda cafe

Booths with a view at the cafe

Sky Zone Cafe

The cafe has great views of the jumping and climbing areas  so you can keep an eye on kids, if yours are old enough to be let loose alone.

The new menu features some healthier choices like berry and yoghurt, passionfruit yoghurt, pastrami baguette, quesadilla ham, tortilla chicken wrap. 

cafe sky zone sydney miranda

Barista at work, do not disturb. I needed that coffee, I can tell you.

sky zone cafe sydney miranda

Order food here, service with a smile

Sky Zone – Any downsides?

I find a lot of noise hard to endure so always take the kids to indoor spaces first thing to avoid the crowds. Always have done.

If your kids are little, you do need to walk around with them, or even better pay up and jump with them. The staff are good and there are lots of them, but little kids do need you to be around.

If you have a few kids, then this can be a pricey day out, going for the two hours to make it worthwhile is a great idea. Then make a day of it with a picnic in the park or at the beach – that’s free!

sky zone sydney miranda

Little ones might need a helping hand on the rope walk

So that’s the scoop on Sky Zone. My son is desperate to go and totally annoyed that he had soccer on and couldn’t make this visit with his sister.

Sky Zone makes a terrific school holiday special day out, don’t worry son, you will get there.

Love the image below, and the sentiment!

Is Sky Zone on your to-visit list?

sky zone miranda sydney


This post is brought to you in partnership with Sky Zone. All opinions are our own and my daughter’s are loudly expressed.



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Posted on: April 18, 2018

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