Taking Kids On The Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb: Tips, Discounts + Deals

BridgeClimb Sydney family trip

Have you ever taken the kids on the world famous Sydney Harbour BridgeClimb?

Or have you been wondering about doing it, not sure what the age restriction for kids is, and – crucially- you’re not sure whether there are ways to save money through great deals and discounts?

Well, I am hoping to answer all your BridgeClimb questions here. My third son and myself have just done a really cool new climb, the Ultimate, so we can tell you about that, plus give info on the other climbs available.

A Few FAQ To Start Off

Are there age restrictions on the Sydney BridgeClimb?

Yes, children must be aged eight years or over and be 1.2 metres tall to climb.

Do kids need to be accompanied by an adult?

Children up to 15 years old must be accompanied by an adult, one adult can be in charge of up to three kids.

At what age do adult prices apply?

From 16 years, adult prices are paid.

Can I climb if I am pregnant?

If you are under 24 weeks pregnant you can climb if you have a Certificate of Fitness signed by your doctor. If you are over 24 weeks pregnant then you are not able to climb.

Are there age limits for grandparents on the Bridgeclimb?

Climbers aged 75 and over need a Certificate of Fitness from their doctor, download the form from the BridgeClimb website FAQ page.

Family-Friendly Sydney BridgeClimbs

  • The Summit Climb (3 hours) ascends on the upper arch of the Bridge, suiting families with kids who are confident scaling ladders to reach the top.
  • The Summit Express Climb (2.5 hours) is the fastest way to the top, following the Bridge’s lower arch. This route suits families who want to feel they are in the thick of the Bridge’s body. There are fewer stops along the route and no ladders.
  • The Ultimate (3.5 hours) is a new climb which takes climbers right across from the south to the north side of the Bridge, a 500m span, with two stops at the apex of the Bridge. You walk down and up the upper arch as you descend from the centre to the northern pylons. This is a challenging climb, ideal for teenagers and confident, fit younger kids too.
  • The Sampler Climb (1.5 hours) is a taster of the full BridgeClimb experience that takes you to the Bridge’s quarter-point. This route suits families who have limited playtime but still want to dip their toes in a climb experience. The Sampler is cheaper but is not always available.
Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb family 2
On the Ultimate climb, the views over North Sydney, Lavender Bay and Kirribilli are truly awe-inspiring. Until now climbers climbed the south half of the Bridge and enjoyed time at the top, being able to walk right over the whole span is novel and exciting.

Sydney BridgeClimb Discounts + Deals

You can often find great deals and discounts for the Sydney BridgeClimb. Specials and deals often run in school holidays as well as at various – usually the less busy – times of the year.

The best thing to do is to keep an eye on the Discounts and Deals webpage, click here.

I would also suggest signing up to the BridgeClimb email newsletter to keep up with all the deals and discounts.

Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb family 4
Fabulous views over Circular Quay and Sydney Opera House from the top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.
Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb family 6
I have got to say that I did find some sections both exhilerating and challenging, especially when we miles up high above the traffic below. It’s thrilling and a tiny bit nervewracking too.
Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb family 7
Walking down the upper arch towards North Sydney.
Sydney Harbour Bridgeclimb family 8
Walking from the north side back up to the centre of the Bridge on the upper arch.

Bridgeclimb: Great For Birthdays + Anniversaries

Myself and my husband have done Bridgeclimb with our boys as a way of celebrating significant birthdays.

Father and son climbed Sydney Harbour Bridge on our second son’s 10th birthday. Many years later, he still has this photo on his chest of drawers, it’s a gorgeous shot.

Circ Quay best

My No.1 Son and I climbed the Bridge together to celebrate his 16th birthday and it felt significant, it really did.

On that glorious warm and bright blue sky Sunday, we were a real team. We shared something special. The views, the passion for Sydney, the meeting of strangers and learning new information about the Bridge. As equals. It felt great, a true rite of passage.


Some thoughts from all our Bridgeclimbs

1. Why the hell haven’t we done this before!!!????

That for sure was my first thought, because we really loved it.  I guess that the cost has put us off in the past and the knowledge that the Bridge is always there for we who live in Sydney.  A special event, a birthday or anniversary is definitely the way to go.

2. I didn’t realise we’d spend so long on the Bridge.

We were there for ages, had heaps of time to enjoy the views and chat to our terrific guide. No rushing at all.

3. It’s not as physically demanding as I expected.

On some of the Climbs there are long stepladder-type sections. I did find them challenging but more mentally than physically. Just keep on stepping up, one-two-three-four and you’re fine. There’s a good practice section indoors before you climb, which helps.

It wasn’t at all as exhausting as I’d thought it would be.  Nor as scary, in fact the trickiest bit is walking along the first parts where you have to squeeze around some places, no trouble at all.

4. Sundays are a good day to climb.

And I say this mainly because the parking is much easier. I do find The Rocks a challenge at busy times.  But we climbed on a Sunday morning and there were heaps of car spaces right there in Cumberland Street. We’d gone to a parking station and walked there, damn!

 5. You can’t take your camera.

Really the only thing you can take is glasses. This is all totally understandable and part of the meticulous safety precautions.

6. The climbs were all run so smoothly

Our guides are terrific, the safety talks and demonstrations and practices were great; BridgeClimb runs like a well-oiled machine, which, frankly, is just what you want.

BridgeClimb Sydney Twilight Climb

Do check out the Sydney BridgeClimb website here.

If you’ve done Bridgeclimb with the kids, it would be great to hear from you! Just let us know how it went in the comments below.

My husband and son climbed the Bridge at their own expense and paid for their lovely photo.

My two other sons and I have been guests of Sydney BridgeClimb. Many thanks, we hugely enjoyed our climbs.

kids on Bridgeclimb views
There’s no better place to see the Opera House and Sydney Harbour!
BridgeClimb Dawn Climb Sydney Opera House
The sunrise climbs are popular, they require a very early start but the views look amazing.


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  1. says: Aleney

    What a great bonding experience for you and your boy. I’ve always wondered of the BridgeClimb is worth the expense (and the effort – I’m terminally lazy!) Now I know. Popping it on my to do list.

    1. says: Seana

      Lazy!! Can’t believe it as you’ve got so much going on with magazine and blogs and … life! It’s easy for us Sydneysiders to be complacent about that gorgeous Bridge. Was so delighted we had a sunny day for it. It was hot up there but they have cold towels when you get down, and a cool water spray up on the Bridge too.

  2. says: Katie

    Seana – I love the honesty of your posts. My kids are facinated by the little red light on the top of the bridge and the idea that you can actually climb up there. They can’t wait until they are old enough to do it themselves. It’s now on our list!

    1. says: Seana

      Aha, my son was asking about that red light. I said it was to stop planes whacking into the Bridge, hope that’s right. Thank for comment Kate, my twins really are desperate, but they’ll just have to wait.

  3. says: Me

    I’m so glad you got to do the climb with GiantTeen – it sounds like you both had a great time. I have said to A a few times that I would like to do it but given my fear of heights he is hesitant to let me because what normally happens is I get up part of the way and then freeze and cannot move up or down and it becomes a bit of an ‘issue’ !!!!
    Great photos of all 4 of you.
    Have the best weekend !

    1. says: Seana

      Hi there, I think you’d be OK as they do train you a fair bit before you head out, so it’s very rare for someone to freeze on the Climb itself. Mind you, if you had any doubts, a a helicopter trip would be a great alternative. I once did a helicopter flight over Sydney about 25 years ago and I can remember it all so clearly.

  4. says: rhian

    That looks totally amazing, we went to Sydney for the first time a couple of weekends ago and loved it. We really wanted to do the bridge climb but had our little boy who is only 2 with is. Maybe he is a bit young just yet. I soooo want to do it though.

  5. says: Jodi

    I live in Sydney and have never done this!! Is it always the way, we will travel 1000s of kilometres to visit major landmarks in other countries but forget how great our own is! 🙁

  6. says: iSophie

    That looks amazing! And I think that was the best idea, to do it again with him 6 years on. A great moment you will always have to share with each other and tell others.

  7. What a wonderful experience for you and your husband to share with your son. I was lucky enough to climb the bridge just a few short weeks ago and it is something that I will never forget.
    We often forget how doing something meaningful with our children can help us connect. Your son is one lucky boy to have such wonderful parents that care. Dropping by via FYBF

  8. What a great story! So cute watching your ten year old turn into a man! Cllimbing the bridge is something I have never considered because I am terrified of heights but you have sold it so well… now I want to go too.

  9. says: Hotly Spiced

    We were in exactly the same situation with our middle child. Archie had so many needs including trips to hospital and his ADHD and constant injuries and broken bones and the difficult time he had settling into boarding school and then I had Alfie and so there were huge demands with a newborn (not as many as with twins though!) and because Arabella was so capable we just left her alone and she didn’t get her share of attention that she deserved so off the rails she went – in a big way! A bridge climb would have been a good idea xx

  10. Love this post Seana, which shows two parents who dearly love all their kids. Despite all your doubts, you really are a lovely mum.

    As for the bridge climb, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend several hours. Any time is a good time.


  11. PS I prefer getting your summary of post each Saturday, where I can just click on any I have missed. But that’s just me I knew you’d like to have some feedback. Perhaps that doesn’t work so well if you are not posting as much. Is that why you changed it up?


    1. says: Seana

      Hi there Caro, I just changed back to the weekly email, did you get that today, but with just the one post. Sorry for the mucking about. From now on, it’s back to weekly, but with the full text of each article, and the list of them all at the top of the post, so you can click down to the one you want to read.

      I’d do a newsletter but don’t think I’d ever be disciplined enough to do it regularly… maybe should do one each season or school holiday?? But first need to put the time in.

      So much to learn – as ever!

  12. says: Grace

    I did the Bridge Climb years ago as a team building thing with my co-workers. So much fun! Loved the views and we had the best team leader too!
    What a great way to do some bonding with the kids and to also encourage some communication.

  13. says: FI

    Seana you’re such a great mum! So caring and respectful of your kids’ needs. This was lovely and refreshing to read. And a great reminder that I need to climb the bridge again – my step-son would love it and I think he’d appreciate some one-on-one time with his folks too xxx Fi

  14. says: Rebecca Mugridge

    i think my kids would love this! Though both two young, it looks like an amazing experience and what a great informative post in it, thanks x

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