Sydney Playgrounds With Huge Slides!

Sydney Playgrounds With Huge Slides

Sydney is an amazing city with lots of fun activities for kids! One activity that always gets a big thumbs up from the little ones is playgrounds. No matter where you go in Sydney, there’s sure to be at least one playground nearby. 

But if your kids are looking for something really special, then why not take them on a tour of Sydney’s best playgrounds with huge slides? 

In this blog, we bring you some of the best playgrounds in the city that have some of the best slides. These kids-friendly spots are perfect for your little ones to have a time of their life. 

So, get ready to take the plunge and enjoy some of Sydney’s biggest and best slides! 

Top 13 Sydney Playgrounds With Huge Slides!

Here are 13 of Sydney’s best playgrounds with huge slides that will keep your kids entertained all day long! Grab your sunscreen and get ready to explore some of Sydney’s best family-friendly attractions.

1. Strathfield Park Playground

Strathfield Park is home to a truly unique playground, offering play spaces that span over one and a half acres. This area has been carefully planned to provide an enjoyable experience for children of all ages and abilities. 

As your kids explore the park, they will come across the impressive triple Skyrider, which leads them up to the Skytower. Here, they can navigate the Konnecta rope play combination, before crossing a high net tunnel bridge and admiring the Mammoth Swing. 

After testing their limits on Australia’s most prominent swing, children can head into the mounds and fortress area to enjoy carousels, slides and different swings.

2. Fairfield Adventure Park 

At Fairfield Adventure Park, kids can be sure to find a playground with captivating equipment. Your little ones will enjoy the new experiences of playing in a safe and enjoyable environment. 

The park is complete with picnic areas located under shade sail structures and plenty of open grassy areas allowing for additional activities such as sports or kite flying. Take your kids to spend a hot summer’s day at Fairfield Adventure Park.

3. Parramatta Park Playgrounds

Parramatta Park is the ideal location to enjoy quality time with family and friends. Surrounded by lush, verdant greenery, it offers the perfect environment for a leisurely stroll. There are two playgrounds in the park, which are:

A. Paperback Playground

Paperback Playground is an exhilarating adventure for children of all ages, providing a vibrant and inclusive space for play. The centrepiece of this multi-sensory playground is the ‘explorer dome’. This is an imaginative structure made up of nets, ropes, ladders and tubes. 

Your little ones can climb through its tunnels and balance on its levels as they create their own adventures in a safe environment. 

B. Domain Creek Playground

The Domain Creek Playground located on the Westmead side of the Park provides plenty of outdoor fun for visitors of all ages. 

It’s an ideal place for kids to let loose and explore their creative energy. They have an exciting collection of activities such as a flying fox, slides, swings, trampolines, water pump and sand diggers.

4. Parramatta River Foreshore Playground

Parramatta River Foreshore Playground is on the North side of Parramatta Foreshore Park, accessed from Elizabeth Street. This thrilling playground with its steep slopes offers much for older children, teenagers and even the bolder younger ones. 

You need to keep toddlers and preschoolers under close supervision due to the proximity of the river.

The playground has many play equipment including a long and steep slide, a smaller slide, a climbing wall and an exciting rope net. The rope bridge is also quite substantial and perfect for adults to enjoy.

5. Blaxland Riverside Park and Playground

Located on the tranquil grounds of Blaxland Riverside Reserve, families can enjoy an abundance of activities. Kids will be thrilled by the huge playground area, complete with an array of exciting slides and swings. 

Are you looking for a more leisurely activity? The riverside walking trail is perfect for exploring the historic Newington Armory and armaments, or simply enjoying the tranquillity of the natural environment. 

You can hire a bike from the Gate House and explore this picturesque part of Sydney. The Armory Wharf Cafe is a great spot for some refreshments or a meal with a side of stunning views of the river. 

6. Bungaribee Park and Playground 

Bungarribee Parklands is a sprawling 250-hectare park situated in the heart of Western Sydney, providing vital recreational opportunities for local residents. 

The parkland offers exceptional views of the sprawling Western Sydney landscape, including its extensive grasslands, meandering creeks, and stands of eucalyptus trees.

The park is also home to endangered Cumberland Woodland ecological communities which contribute to the site’s rich biodiversity. 

In addition, Bungarribee Parklands comprises a range of habitats, including aquatic and wetland areas, grasslands, and open woodlands. These habitats provide a much-needed refuge for a variety of native animals.

7. Warriewood Valley District Playground

The Warriewood Valley playground is situated at the intersection of Angophora Circuit and Callistemon Way. It provides an exciting destination for children and families to explore. 

Featuring a rocket-ship-style main structure, kids can enjoy the large and small slides, as well as a climbing tunnel and cubby house area. Surrounding the playground is a large sandpit, perfect for building castles and having outdoor fun. 

The park also features two sets of double swings, one each for toddlers and infants. There are several benches around the area as well as shaded pergolas with tables where parents can relax while their children explore. 

8. Wulaba Park Playground in Waterloo

Wulaba Park in Waterloo contains exciting playground structures that will keep older and more experienced children engaged and entertained. The highlight of the park is a whopping three-storey slide which will give them a thrilling ride!

Moreover, Wulaba Park also features open green spaces perfect for picnicking, playing outdoor games or just enjoying the fresh air. There are plenty of benches and seating areas to relax and take in the natural beauty of Sydney’s suburbs. 

9. Putney Park + Playground

Putney Park is an idyllic outdoor space situated along the waterfront, offering a wealth of entertainment possibilities for everyone. The park boasts acres of grassy areas for picnics, barbeques and more. 

Kids will love the playground with its water features and there are four gazebos available for hire should you want to host a special event. There’s also plenty of natural beauty in this park, making it ideal for leisurely walks or bird watching.

10. West Epping Park + Playground

West Epping Park is an absolute delight for both children and adults. It boasts a wide variety of fun-filled play areas for toddlers, children, and youths. The park has multiple play structures of different sizes, shapes, and colours. All of them provide hours of fun for your little ones. 

There are plenty of picnic spots including shelters and barbecues. Other amenities include on-site parking and the iconic BIG slide. Most recently, they installed shade sails over the toddler play area and the small metal slide. 

11. Elouera Reserve

Elouera Reserve is a scenic oasis located within the Macquarie Park Precinct. In 2018, it was upgraded to include a range of amenities that make it an enjoyable and accessible space for residents, workers and visitors alike. 

New features include six swings, two illuminated cubbies with slides, a flying fox, a spinner and trampolines. Besides, your kids can also relax in the hammock. 

You’ll find four picnic settings (two with umbrellas); an illuminated footpath connection from the units to the train station; an accessible BBQ; and even a water bottle refill station. All in all, Elouera Reserve offers something for everyone!

12. Jubilee Park Adventure Playground

Jubilee Park is located at the lower reaches of the Onkaparinga River, just off Saltfleet Street, offering stunning views of the Port Noarlunga sand dunes and Onkaparinga estuary. It is a great place for families to enjoy a day out, with plenty of activities on offer. 

The park features a large playground for children of all ages, making it an ideal destination for kids. There are multiple barbecue and picnic facilities available and fully fenced seating areas for adults.

13. Lakes Edge Park, The Ponds

The Ponds playground is an idyllic destination for children of all ages. Your whole family can enjoy the scenic atmosphere, with the playground offering a great place to relax and have fun. 

The varied play equipment allows for plenty of activities, from swings to slides. With the fenced-in area and nearby lake, you can feel safe while the children explore and enjoy the outdoor environment. 

There are also many walking paths around the Ponds which are perfect for strolling or running on a sunny day. 

Enjoy Taking Your Kids to These Sydney Playgrounds With Huge Slides!

Sydney has so many playgrounds with huge slides that it can be hard to choose which one to visit first. Whether you want an adrenaline rush or just want your kids to have some fun, these places are sure to provide a great time.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and snacks – these parks will keep you entertained for hours on end. 

If you’re looking for bigger thrills, you might want to try out some of New South Wales’s holiday parks

You won’t regret visiting any of these amazing destinations and making memories with your family this summer!

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