Sydney School For Mums – Term Two Report Card

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Our family life is measured out in terms. Terms we can get our heads round.  They’ve got beginnings, middles and welcome ends.  And here we are again.

Having said that, I’m swooning with pleasure yet stifling screams at the end of the preschool/school term.  My children are so diverse in age and temperament, wrangling four of them at once is a major handful.  But it is fantastic to jump off the term’s treadmill for a bit.

I had a very personal goal for the term, which was basically to slow down. Here’s my Report Card:

The Sydney School For Mums – Term Two 2011

Slowing Down  70%

An excellent effort from Seana, who managed to take things a lot easier than in past terms and consequently was a lot less harassed.  Her children certainly appreciated this.

Getting Things Done  40%

Amazingly unproductive term compared to others…. never mind!

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Posted on: July 1, 2011


  • Reply July 1, 2011


    At the moment I love school holidays. Neither of my two are at school so I am not affected by the change in schedule. For the most part
    school holidays mean for me easier traffic in the mornings and lots of visits by grandma (my mum is a school teacher).

    • Reply July 2, 2011


      It’s funny how terms can change your lifestyle. My elder boys went to long daycare at times and so terms meant nothing. Now all four have school holidays and the way this one works I have kids underfoot for four weeks altogether. Miss my peace and quiet!

  • Reply July 2, 2011


    I love the routine of the school year, the rituals and timelessness. I can’t get time off work these hols, but I will enjoy my Wednesdays with all my children home and happy. x

    • Reply July 2, 2011


      I’ll aim to join you in that home and happy scenario… we may be home and scrapping!

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