Long Reef Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

This is such a cool idea, a weatherproof book showing lots of sea creatures.

It’s at Long Reef beach, see map below.  Long Reef Aquatic Reserve is here, one of only 12 aquatic reserves around NSW.

You can read all about Long Reef Aquatic Reserve here.  The rules and regulations for reserves are clearly stated here.

Long Reef beach on a cloudy day.

The very solid book of creatures

Good noticeboards with lots of info

You can read a list of all the aquatic reserves in NSW here.

Sea creatures are the best. I think God went mad and just threw a few random ideas together and chucked the animals into the ocean.

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Are you getting down to the beach much this summer?  Do your kids enjoy grubbing about in rock pools?

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Posted on: January 11, 2012

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