The Most Useful Sydney Websites For Families

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little munch

The hunt for great family-friendly cafes and restaurants is a never-ending one.

And we all need advice on great playgrounds, fabulous activities and enthralling kids’ entertainment.

Now I do have a heap of information on this blog, you can search the categories (like Cafes) and check out some of my list posts (like The Top 50 Playgrounds in Sydney.)

But there are other great websites, some that are all about events and some that are specific to one area of Sydney. Here’s a list of my favourites. I’ve just updated it, and would love to hear of any others you know.

It’s especially useful to know these in school holidays as you’ll pick up great ideas for events, activities and places to go.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll be need a few of those in the school holidays. A few bazillion.

Here are my top picks, in alphabetical order. Click on the titles to find out more.

Babies and Toddlers

This listings and information website was started in 2011 by two Manly-based mums who were keen to share information and to build a platforms where information could be shared. It started off as a Sydney site but now covers most parts of Australia.


The original Sydney listings site, Ellaslist was started in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. It has now expanded to Sydney’s North Shore, Inner West, Northern Beaches and Inner West. Read Ellaslist for kid-friendly events, activities, services and businesses in your local area. There’s also a ‘daily ideas for local mums’ section.


Family Fun In Sydney

Christine who runs this blog is a hard-working blogger! She lists activities and events that are coming up and posts many times each week. A must if you’re keen to keep up with what’s coming up in Sydney.

KIDsize Living

KIDsize Living focusses on Sydney’s Inner West and lists and reviews all sorts of places of interest to families with children. There are terrific cafe reciews, information on activities and classes and much more.

little munch

Little Munch 

I love this site. It contains heaps of reviews of child-friendly cafes and restaurants, with lots of photos. The list by suburb is especially handy.


Mums On The Go

Mums on the Go is a terrific directory of child-friendly places and services. I recently profiled this site and the mum of three who runs it, Linda Anderson. Read more here.

The New Edge

This blog is written by an expat mum of two boys who moved to Sydney in 2010. She has lots of posts about places they’ve visited, some great ideas here.


Northern Beaches Kids Guide

This website tell you everything that’s going on on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Essential reading for the locals, and an excellent source to find out what is coming up in this beautiful area. It’s my local one and I’m off now to find more school holiday activities for the boisterous bairns!


Playground Finder

Use the website or the app to find your best local playgrounds. You can add a review and load up your own photos. This is so handy when you are visiting a new area and need to quickly find a playground to let the kids run around in, or to use as a meeting place with friends.


“Right then, off you go! Happy hunting!

Now then, who have I forgotten?

I’d be delighted to hear of others and will update this list.

Happy family fun hunting!



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Posted on: September 21, 2014


  • Reply September 22, 2014

    Rebecca (Little Munch)

    Lots of my favourites on this list (and obviously Little Munch is brilliant!!! thanks so much for the mention). I also like this one for stuff that is happening in the East:

    • Reply September 22, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Oh thank you, I must have a look at that one too and add it in. Always good to ask for help with these sorts of posts – much appreciated!

  • Reply September 22, 2014


    Hi, these sites are great! I recently found another one which is pretty good –

    • Reply September 22, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Oh yes, of course, I am in the Facebook group for North Shore Mums. I will add it to the list – many thanks.

      • Reply January 9, 2016

        Rachel Chappell

        That would be fab! Thanks so much Seana. I run North Shore Mums website so would be honoured to be included in your list. 🙂

        • Reply January 9, 2016

          Seana Smith

          Oh yikes, I so need to update this post… there are so many excellent sites these days, including North Shore Mums (of which I am one.) Will let you know when I have got it sorted out.

  • Reply October 10, 2014


    This is a new site that has just started apart of kid size living. But it’s based on the inner city. I have used this site multiple times in the last few weeks and found amazing cafés and playgrounds in my area of Rosebery/Waterloo I never knew existed. Well worth a look.

    • Reply October 11, 2014

      Seana Smith

      Thank you Leona, great to know. Very handy to have a city one too. Appreciate you letting me know.

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