Sydney Zoo Bricks and Beasts: Where Kids’ Imagination Runs Wild on School Holidays

Sydney Zoo Bricks and Beasts – the perfect school holiday activity

School holidays are a perfect time for family adventures, and there’s no better place to let your kids’ imagination run wild than Sydney Zoo. Nestled amidst the stunning Australian landscape, this wildlife wonderland offers a multitude of exciting activities and attractions to keep the little ones engaged and entertained. Here, we’ll explore the adventures awaiting kids at Sydney Zoo during their school holidays, from the Bricks and Beasts activities to thrilling rides and encounters with fascinating animals. Plus, we’ll dive into essential details like opening hours and ticket pricing to help you plan your visit.

Sydney Zoo

Sydney Zoo Bricks and Beasts: Where Creativity Meets Wildlife

Imagine a world where LEGO meets wildlife – that’s exactly what the Bricks and Beasts activities at Sydney Zoo offer. Designed to ignite creativity and curiosity in kids, these activities blend the magic of building with the wonder of the animal kingdom. Here’s a glimpse of what your young explorers can experience:

  • LEGO Brick Workshops: Kids can participate in engaging LEGO workshops, where they learn to build their favourite animal using LEGO bricks. It’s a fantastic opportunity for budding architects to create their wildlife masterpieces.
  • Scavenger Hunts: Take on the exciting scavenger hunts throughout the zoo, where kids follow clues to discover various LEGO animal sculptures. It’s a fun and educational adventure that encourages exploration.
  • Interactive Displays:Encounter life-sized LEGO animal sculptures that come to life with interactive features. From roaring lions to swinging monkeys, these sculptures offer a unique and immersive experience.
  • Building Competitions:Compete in LEGO building competitions and showcase your child’s creative talents. It’s a chance for them to shine and maybe even win some fantastic prizes.

Get your Adventure on: Rides and Attractions

Beyond the Brick and Beast activities, Sydney Zoo has rides and exhibits that are perfect for kids of all ages. Here’s a taste of the adventures that await:

  • Wild Ropes: For little adventurers with a touch of bravery, the Wild Ropes course lets them swing and climb like monkeys in the treetops. It’s an exhilarating experience that combines fun and fitness.
  • Sky Safari:Take a ride on the Sky Safari, a gondola that offers breathtaking views of the zoo and its inhabitants. It’s a fantastic way to see the animals from a whole new perspective.
  • Animal Encounters:Sydney Zoo provides opportunities for kids to get up close and personal with their favourite animals. Whether it’s feeding giraffes or meeting friendly kangaroos, these encounters create lasting memories.
  • Educational Presentations:Throughout the day, the zoo hosts educational presentations that are both informative and entertaining. Kids can learn fascinating facts about the animals and their habitats.
Sydney Zoo Bricks and Beasts

Essential Details for Planning Your Visit

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details of your visit to Sydney Zoo during school holidays:

Opening Hours:

  • Sydney Zoo is open from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM daily, including public holidays. It’s essential to plan your visit within these hours to ensure you have ample time to explore all the attractions.

Ticket Pricing:

Sydney Zoo offers several ticketing options to suit your preferences and budget:

Normal Ticketing:

  • Adults (16-64 years): $44.99 (online), $54.99 (on gate)
  • Children (3-15 years): $24.99 (online), 29.99 (on gate)
  • Concession (students and seniors): $34.99 (online), 39.99 (on gate)
  • Children under 3: Free

Unlimited Pass:

If you plan to visit multiple times or want to explore all the zoo has to offer, the Unlimited Pass is an excellent choice. It provides unlimited access to Sydney Zoo for an entire year, including school holidays. Prices start from $59.99 (adults), $39.99 (children), $49.99 (concession).


Become a member of Sydney Zoo and enjoy exclusive benefits, including unlimited entry, discounts, and special events. Memberships start at  $99.99 (adults), $49.99 (children), $84.99 (concession).

See all the details here

Sydney Zoo Bricks

Conclusion – Great Fun at Sydney Zoo Bricks and Beasts

Sydney Zoo is not just a place to see animals; it’s an immersive experience where kids can ignite their creativity, indulge in thrilling adventures, and learn about the fascinating world of wildlife. With Brick and Beast activities that blend LEGO and nature, a host of rides and attractions, and unforgettable animal encounters, Sydney Zoo is the ultimate destination for a memorable school holiday outing.

Make the most of your visit by exploring the zoo’s diverse offerings, including interactive displays, educational presentations, and the chance to get up close and personal with incredible animals. Remember to check the opening hours and ticket pricing to plan your visit accordingly. So, gather the family, uncover your inner explorer, and take on a school holiday adventure that your kids will cherish for years to come at Sydney Zoo!

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