11 of Sydney’s Best Beaches For Babies

Taking babies to the beach has been a very mixed experience in our family. How about for you?

Sometimes the babes would have a lovely time, much sand would be eaten, little toes would splash in pools and buckets and spades would be chewed and thrown.

Other times the sand-down-the-nappy situation would be completely out of control, and the sticky sunscreen would get all over everything and everyone would end up in tears.

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Babies On The Beach – What Do You Look Out For?

For us, the main thing is… shade... of course. Now I have always much preferred natural shade and haven’t ever used a shade tent. So the beaches I list here generally have some sort of  shade on the sand from trees, at least in the afternoon.

Even better than shade over sand is a nice shady park right beside the beach where the babies can snooze, or even crawl and play, with just occasional expeditions into the sun and onto the sand.

Also important is NOT having a long trek through sand dunes to get to the beach, so for example Mona Vale and Freshwater aren’t on my list of faves.

Amongst it all, some beaches just worked MUCH better than others.

This is a totally subjective list, just my ideas on which beaches work best for really young babies and toddlers.

Over the past 14 years of chasing children around Sydney beaches, these are the ones that have worked best for us.

I’d be over the moon to hear from readers, and will joyfully incorporate your suggestions into this post. 

I’m doing this list alphabetically… for no particular reason. Just click on the name of the beach to read all you need to know and see some photos of these lovely beaches.

Balmoral Beach

The shade on the sand at the baths is good, and also by the playground there’s shade from trees. Plus grassy areas are right by the beach.

Clontarf Beach + Baths

A very sheltered shallow beach on Middle Harbour. There is lots of shade and space on the reserve behind plus a lovely playground. Cafe and kiosk there too.

Sydney best beaches for babies Clontarf Beach
Here’s the wider beach area at Clontarf, though most little ones stay in the netted baths area

Clovelly Beach

Best on the Eastern Suburbs  as there’s no surf at all, a rarity for the Eastern Suburbs beaches.

Dawn Fraser Pool, Balmain

At low tide there is a tiny beach at these Baths, it’s a beautiful location and the park alongside is gorgeous. Take two adults so one can enjoy doing laps.

Greenwich Baths

Fantastic because of the shade on the sand and the grass, but same big hill issue as above!

Little Manly Cove

A delightful west-facing beach on the Harbour, with netted baths, calm waters and a cafe right there.

Little Manly Cove Sydney best beaches babies
Gorgeous Little Manly Cove, kids heaven

Northbridge Baths

Lovely grassy areas. Only negative is the long hike down and back from the carpark. Pushing a pram up that hill is good for your muscles though.

Murray Rose Pool (was Redleaf Pool) 

Down in Double Bay is this lovely netted beach and baths, parking can be tricky but it is a lovely spot.

Shark Beach, Vaucluse

This is such a beaut spot in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, with lovely walks, plenty of shade on the reserve and a cafe and restaurants right on the beach. 

Shelly Beach, Cronulla

Top spot for tots because of the safe sea pool and lovely shady park right by the sea.

Shelly Beach, Manly

A sheltered beach with shade on the reserve, a cafe alongside and lovely views.

Whale Beach

The late afternoons have been gorgeous here, with the beautiful trees casting lots of shade.

Can you share your top tips for babies at the beach in Sydney?

Which are the beaches that work for you?

Check out all my posts on Sydney’s beautiful beaches here.

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  1. says: Karen

    We have a shade tent, we don’t use it so much anymore, but we did last Summer when we were trying to keep the bubba out of the sun, we could alternate taking turns at swimming, and not worrying about the sun on his sensitive skin!! Easy!

    1. says: Seana

      Why haven’t we tried one? Maybe because I am so crap at packing and end up with heaps of bags and lose things. And often was sole parenting when they were babes and couldn’t carry too much stuff. Thanks for your info Karen.

  2. says: Grace

    Gorgeous photos, Seana!
    I highly recommend Parsley Bay. Lots of shade, a playground and wide open grounds so parents can let their kids run around and they’ll still be visible.
    I should do a post for you and link it back to your blog 🙂 x

    1. says: Seana

      Oh do Grace, the last time I was there was with four really young kids and not a photo was taken!!

      I remember scuba diving there years ago and watching seahorses on the shark net. Amazing.

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