Sydney’s Best Water Slides – For Kids and Their Families (Updated)

All of my wild children love a speedy water slide. And in fact, I don’t mind one myself.

No need to look too far for Sydney water slides, there are many and they range from the expensive water parks like Wet ‘n’ Wild and Jamberoo to the more affordable options like Aquatopia and the terrific slides found at some Sydney swimming pools.

Sydney's BestWater Slides

Here’s our list, click on the name to jump down the page to read all about it.

NB There’s also a list of all the free Sydney water playgrounds in parks here.

Here’s a map showing where Sydney’s best water slides are found.

NB Always click through to the individual website to check the timetable and to ensure the water slides are operational.


Sydney Water Parks + Water Slides 


Aquatopia at Prairiewood Leisure Centre

Prairiewood Leisure Centre, Prairie Vale Road, Prairiewood NSW 2176

This excellent Sydney water park has been built by Fairfield Council to provide an affordable alternative for western Sydney families.  The water play equipment is terrific and extensive, but beware, Aquatopia does get very busy on hot days.

Check out the Hello Sydney Kids extensive Aquatopia review on this post.

Aquatopia main website is here

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Cables Aqua Park, open in summer

Cables Aqua Park, Penrith

Part of Cables Wake Park, this Aqua Park consists of a series of connecting inflatable slides, runways and jumping pillows.

Children need to be six years and over to play.  50 minute sessions start on the hour from 10am – 4pm.

Read more on our post about Cables Wake Park here.

water slides sydney water parks manly

Manly Surf n Slide (was Manly Waterworks)

This is a water slide centre on the West Esplanade which just has three daring slides. My family have had fantastic summer day’s out here. Highly recommend once your kids are big and brave enough.

Address: On the corner of West Esplanade and Commonwealth Parade.

Phone: 02 9949 6645

Website is here

Opening hours:  Opens 23rd September, open 10am – 5pm in school holidays and then Sat/Sun 10am – 5pm when term starts again

Height:  Children must be taller than 110cm to slide. Children aged 10 and under must be supervised on the slides by a person aged over 16 years.

Read our full review of Manly Surf n Slide here, with maps and all the info you need to plan a visit.

waterpark sydney wet n wild sydney

Raging Waters Sydney

427 Reservoir Road, Prospect

The largest water park in Sydney has wonderful water slides, a huge wave pool and excellent areas for younger children too. Raging Waters Sydney is the largest of the Sydney water parks and even has dinosaurs!

Read more on the full Hello Sydney Kids review post here.


A Water Park Near Sydney 

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The fastest and scariest ride at Jamberoo is The Perfect Storm

Jamberoo Action Park

Jamberoo Action Park is one – two hours south of Sydney, depending on where you live. This water park is larger and cheaper than Wet’n’Wild and many Sydney families prefer it.

Read more about Planning A Trip To Jamberoo Action Park on this post.

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Jamberoo’s Banjo’s Billabong is excellent for kids of all ages

Sydney Water Slides At Swimming Pools

The pool layout at Emerton

Emerton: Charles Lowles Leisure Centre 

Jersey Road, Emerton

Phone: 02 9628 7016,

Website is here

Emerton Leisure Centre has a terrific indoor pool area with a 10-metre spiral slide.  The slide doesn’t have a height restriction but staff say it is only for children aged five and over.

There are no strict opening hours for the slide, but it tends to open around once an hour so long as staff are available to oversee it.

In the meantime the leisure pool, with its spray jets and spa seats is great fun.



Hurstville Aquatic Leisure Centre

Cnr King Georges and Forest Roads, Hurstville 2220

Phone: 9585 9600


A long curving waterslide provides thrills and spills here. You need to pay extra to use the water slide.

Open at weekends and during school holidays, call to check for specific hours as they vary. $2 charge for all day sliding.  Another terrific pool with slides in Sydney.

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Splashdown at Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre

Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre

There’s one huge 56m-long slide at Ryde, a huge swoosh of a ride. It’s open on weekends and in school holidays from 10am – 5pm. There is no height restriction and no extra charges apply.

There are many other excellent family friendly swimming facilities at Ryde Aquatic Centre too.

Address:  504 Victoria Road, Ryde 2112

Phone: 02 8878 5111

Read all the details you need to plan a visit to Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre here.

water slide at sydney olympic park aquatic centre
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre. See the double loop of the water slide?? Wheeee!

Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre

This Sydney swim and play mecca has a huge long water slide and the largest indoor water park in Sydney, which is all included in the ticket price.

You need to be over 1.2m to whizz down the giant waterslide, there’s a measuring chart at the entrance and they are strict.

The water slide is usually open during school holidays and at weekends, plus in the mid to late afternoons during the week. See the timetable here.

Read all the info you need about Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

how to make water slides at home

Do It Yourself Giant Water Slides

Don’t forget you can make your own big Sydney water slides, click here for all the info.  It really is easy to make water slides for kids, and of course, you can buy simple ones too.


Also if you are down the south coast pop into Nowra Aquatic Park, the Bay and Basin Leisure Centre in Vincentia.

Now then, am I missing any?

Please let me know of any others as I’d love to have a comprehensive list.

Which water slide do your kids love best?

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    1. says: Seana

      Lets run the kids ragged at Manly Waterworks. All mine can whizz up and down those now. But Parramatta slides are a great love too. Love whizzing through the bush.

    1. says: Seana

      Great, we’ll see you there. These school holidays will be here any minute, and they are so looooong. I’m talking to the kids about the wee project of doing all the slides this summer.

  1. says: Kelly HTandT

    My fave is definitely the DIY slide!
    I didn’t know about the ones at Parramatta Pools, I figured it was just a lap pool there, so thanks for the tip.
    Very excited about the Wet’n’Wild Sydney, it’s about time we got another theme park, I miss Australia’s Wonderland, my kids will never know the joy!

    1. says: Seana

      Our front grass is at a great slope for the tarpaulin. Must get some more tent pegs for this summer for it. Yes, I am looking forward to the Wet n’ Wild too, my kids are all good ages for it.

  2. says: Kylie

    When we lived in Sydney and the Gong we loved Olympic Park. It feels special knowing our Olympians swam there.

    Ryde Pool was where I cut my swimming teeth though.

    Thanks for this, I’ll share on fb for my Sydney mum friends.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Thanks Kylie, much appreciated. I’ve jusy heard there’s a new pool at Hornsby, not sure if they have a water slide though, will have to check.

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