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Down in the depths of darkest Killarney Heights, there is a great wee kid-friendly hub with cafes, handy shops, kids art and dance classes and a couple of good cafes. Our regular haunt is Talking Heads, it is an excellent cafe for children, especially those old enough to trot off to enjoy the nearby playground after they’ve wolfed down their food.

My twins have a great old time, playing on the equipment, racing their cars down the pavements and generally milling around. It’s one of our fave northern Sydney cafes.

seats and tables at Talking Heads Cafe
talking heads cafe interior

Talking Heads Cafe

Address: Shop 45/ Tramore Place, Killarney Heights, NSW

Phone: 02 9453 2499

Talking Heads Facebook page is here

The cafe is open Mon-Sat during the day but tragically not on Sundays at the moment. There is a good kids’ menu and high chairs plus that all-important kid-friendly atmosphere.

The cafe is near-ish to the road and carpark, but far enough for these to be plenty of space for children to move around even if they don’t go as far as the little playground. Kids who do venture there can be kept an eye on easily and they are at a safe distance from cars.

Owner Tammi makes the most wonderful food and cakes to die (and diet!) for. She sells frozen take-home meals as well. Nearby is a good fruit and veg shop, a Japanese bakery, a Frenchs bakery/cafe, the art and dance class venues and the local Carlisle Swim Centre.

talking heads cafe sofa killarney heights

Talking Heads Map

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What’s your favourite cafe with kids?

Can you recommend any great kids menus?

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