Telegraph Creek Natural Trail at Jervis Bay

Telegraph Creek Natural Trail at Jervis Bay is a very easy and really gorgeous short bush walk that’s suitable for almost every family.  It’s only 2.4km long and takes about an hour when you’re going at childs’ pace.

we visit Jervis Bay a lot and this has always been a beloved walk, a great starter walk for all of our four kids when they were little. There ave been many times when our toddlers have been given a piggyback as we walked around.

This walk is in Booderee National Park, and is one of the shortest and easiest in the park.  You can get lots of brochures and maps at the Visitors Centre at the park entrance.

Booderee entire
This map is from Booderee website and is in the walking trails leaflet.

You can find this map and download it here.

The walk starts at the north end of Green Patch car park, you cross over Jervis Bay Road and then follow a very well-marked track around a loop, ending up crossing the road again and back in the car park.

202007 Telegraph Creek Walk 1
The start of this walk is easily spotted

The lovely thing about this little walk is that it passes through so many types of vegetation.  There is tall eucalypt forest, there are swamps and little creeks and great views of the surrounding bushland.  The birdlife is good and at the right time of year, the wild flowers are stunning. In fact, there are flowers to see in every season.

202007 Telegraph Creek Walk 2

There are lots and lots of grasstrees growing alongside the track and deeper in the bush.  The scientific name for these slow-growing plants is xanthorrhoea.

202007 Telegraph Creek Walk 7
I love seeing the tall grasstrees at the side of the track

Grasstrees were used by Aboriginal people to make resin and spears and the nectar was used to make a sweet drink.

There are lots of interpretive signs along the track, and even our little ones are interested in the simple information provided.

bush walk track image Booderee Telegraph Creek
The tracks are generally very well maintained

I’d love to report that every family bush walk is successful, but I cannot tell a lie.  We’ve had some shocking expeditions.  But this tracks tends to work well for our family. We love to combine a bush walk with a swim and play at Green Patch beach.

202007 Telegraph Creek Walk 6
Who doesn’t love a boardwalk walk through the bush?

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Where’s your favourite family bushwalk?  Do your little ones enjoy a little adventure in the bush?

white flower at  telegraph Creek Nature Trail
A pretty flower in the bush at Telegraph Creek. Does anyone know the name? Do let us know in the comments below.

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