Post Update: Terrey Hills Tavern – Sydney’s Most Child-Friendly Cafes + Restaurants

Sometimes, we mums and dads just need to go to the pub.  And if you live in the north of Sydney, you’re luck to have a few family-friendly ones to visit.

Here’s a good one!  The Terrey Hills Tavern has a small kids’ play area, lots of wide open spaces inside and out, a Balinese style beer garden, plus a kids’ menu.

Terrey Hills Tavern for Families

 This is the outdoor eating area, lots of it is covered. If you have wild little ones, might be hard to stop them leaping into the water.

Terrey Hills Tavern 2

Nice area for families, eating in the fresh air is always a treat.

Terrey Hills Tavern

2 Aumuna road, Terrey Hills NSW 2084

Phone: 9486 3343


Open: Monday to Friday 12noon – 3pm lunch, 5.30pm – 9pm dinner.
Saturday 12 midday – 9pm all day.
Sunday 12 midday – 8.30pm all day.

I went one evening with  twins and two 11 year olds, and they enjoyed the food very much.

The littlies had a kids’ meal of chicken nuggets and chips…. groan, they would love that wouldn’t they?!  Kids meals cost $7 – $8.  Add in a pitcher of lemonade just to cover all the major food groups… oh dear…

The older  boys had adults meals.  One had a meatlovers’ pizza which was huge and laden with chunky meat, it was a bit too spicy for him though.   The other lad loved the ribs and I enjoyed Moroccan lamb.  Mains cost $16-30.

There are often mid-week specials eg two meals for the price of one etc

The children’s play room is pretty small but all four kids jumped around in there for quite a while, longer than I expected ie a whole glass of wine was drunk.  There’s also a quiet TV room for kids.

You can see the menus and all details here.

We’ll go again. We’ll wish the mains were a bit less pricey and that the kids meals were healthier… but it’s handy and easy and that means a lot after a hectic week.

What’s your favourite place to eat with your children?  

Where’s the place you can eat out with the healthiest kids’ meals?

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Posted on: June 28, 2012

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    How great is that? Wish we had something similar in Perth.

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