The Best Kids’ Bike Tracks In Sydney For Learning To Ride

Looking for the best kid-friendly bike tracks in Sydney? Of course you are! Learning to ride a trike and then a bike is one of the great childhood rites of passage.

If you are looking for a great Sydney bike track for kids, let me show you heaps of them.  Sydney has many wonderful outdoors learn-to-ride bike tracks suitable for children. And they’re all free.

If your child is learning how to ride their balance bike, these will be perfect for them. Not only will it help them learn how to ride in a safe environment, but they’ll make friends with other children their age that are learning how to ride.

kids bike rack sydney

Here follows a list of the best kids bike tracks we have come across throughout Sydney.  They’re listed here alphabetically by name of the bike track.  To check them out by suburb, click here.

You do not need me to tell you that bicycle safety is vital, always wear a helmet of course and teach your kids all the rules they will need on the roads whilst they are learning on these bike tracks.

If you know of another, PLEASE let us know in the comments below!

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Artarmon Reserve

There are bike tracks around the reserve close to the terrific playgrounds here, read more on this post from North Shore Mums.

Balmoral Beach Bike Track

The cricket oval at the south end of Balmoral has a bike path all the way around it. Just back from the beach at the south end.  Read about where to park etc on this Balmoral Beach post.

The Bay Run Sydney 8
One small section of the Bay Run

The Bay Run: Leichhardt and Glebe

The Bay Run is a 7km walking and cycling loop around Iron Cove in Sydney’s Inner West. Learner riders could try a small section of it, then progress to cycling the entire route, which is pretty flat, as they improve. Check out our full description of the Bay Run here. 

Bicentennial Park, Glebe

There is a terrific playground here and lots of cycling paths throughout the park. Read all about Glebe Foreshore and the lovely bike tracks on this Bicentennial Park Glebe post here.

Bicentennial Park Bike Track,  Sydney Olympic Park

A good kids cycle track goes around the park by the playground, plus heaps of cycle paths throughout the park. Find details on parking on this Bicentennial Park post here.  NB There’s also a cute bike track with lane markings at the Concord West Payground area.

Bicentennial Park Bike Track,  West Pymble

Lots of bike tracks throughout the park, excellent playground there too. Read all about this park and playground here.

blenheim park bike track
A section of the kids bike track at Blenheim park

Blenheim Park Bike Track, Ryde

Lovely bike track by the playground. Read all the information you need on my Blenheim Park playground post here.

Thanks Nick Bloom for the photo of Brightmore Reserve

Brightmore Reserve Bike Track, Cremorne

Brightmore Reserve has a terrific bike track, all laid out and marked like a road. See council website page here.

Buffalo Creek Reserve Bike Track 

Great bike track here as well as some interesting and fun play equipment, all in a beautiful bushy locale.  Read details on my Buffalo Creek Reserve Playground post here.

Campbelltown Bicycle Education and Road Safety Centre

A huge bike track, excellent spot!  Check out the council website page here.

Carss Park

There are lots of shared paths to ride along in this lovely area with playground and cafe right alongside. There’s also a tidal pool and swimming pool right there. Read more about Carss Park on this post.

Centennial Park

There is a very big bike track with play equipment on the opposite side of the park from the cafe. See Centennial Park Bike Tracks post here and Centennial Park Cafe post here.

Coolong Reserve, Castle Hill

With road markings just like a real road, the bike track at Coolong Reserve is a fantastic place to take junior cyclists who are learning to ride. There are also playgrounds here, makes a top day out. Read all the info you need to plan a visit to Coolong Reserve here.

Eric Primrose Reserve, Rydelmere

Right alongside the Parramatta River, you’ll find a shaded playground with a small bike track, plus many more cyclable paths throughout the Reserve. Check out the full description over on Parraparents here.

Fred Robertson Reserve, Oatlands

There’s a cute little bike track at this playground which has plenty of other attractions too, including a lovely cafe. Read more on the Parraparents website here.

Hallstrom Park,  Willoughby

By the playground is a big oval bike track for kids. Find information about Hallstrom Park here.

small Harold moon reserve15 e1521372954399 527x420 1
The bike track at Harold Moon reserve has markings, crossings and more. Photo credit: Parraparents website.

Harold Moon Reserve, Auburn

The playground at Harold Moon reserve is known for its huge red steamroller, a kids’ favourite. The undulating bike track is another attraction, terrific for learner trike and bike riders. Read more on the Parraparents website here.

Heffron Pedal Park Photo credit: Maroubra Council

Heffron Pedal Park

This is a fenced miniature road network with signs and road marking, great place to learn road safety skills.  Nearby is a playground, toilets, shade and seating areas. Read more on Maroubra Council website here. Randwick Cycling Club runs regular skills and confidence and fitness classes. Read more about the Randwick Cycling Club classes here.

holroyd park cycling centre best sydney bike tracks
Holroyd City Road Safety Training Track is really terrific

Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands

There’s a cycle training track here, all painted with proper road markings, as well as the fabulous playground. Click here for more info.

Jamison Park, South Penrith

A reader reports that this park has a 2.5km bike path around it. I can’t find details on the council website, must pop out for a look.

Jubes Mountain Bike Park, Wahroonga

This mountain bike park is within Golden Jubilee Field and has three distinct areas of difficulty so good for learner mountain bikers to start here. Check details and see a short video on the council website here.

Lagoon Park, Manly

The playground here is great and bike tracks lead along the dam and also there’s a bike path all the way down to Shelly Beach. Click here for more info.

Livvi’s Place, Elara

If you are juggling a few kids then the fact that this learn-to-ride track is within this vast fenced playground area is a godsend. The bike track has lanes, roundabouts, signs and traffic lights, wonderful. Read a detailed description of Livvi’s Place Elara here.

narrabeen bike track
Beautiful views at Narrabeen Lagoon

Narrabeen Lagoon Trail 

There’s now a walking and cycling track right around Narrabeen Lake. This is a cycle ride for children who have learned to ride and can manage 8km although you could choose a part of the bike track to use to learn to ride. Read all about Cycling Narrabeen Lagoon Trail here.  You could visit the lovely playground at Berry Reserve and then use the section of the trail near there.

Paperbark Playground, Parramatta Park

The new playground at Pavilion Flat, named Paperbark Playground, has a bike track around the outside, excellent for little ones. Read more on this playground and bike track here.

Passmore Reserve, Manly Vale

Bike track goes all around the playing fields, passing by the excellent playground, click here for more info.

Ryde Park playground
The excellent bike track at Ryde Park

Ryde Bike Park, Ryde

Ryde Park has a terrific bike and scooter track. Check out Ryde Park on this post.

Storey Park, Hornby

The newly opened in 2020 playground has a bike track around it, good for little ones. Read more on this playground here. 

strathfield park bike track
The learners’ cycle track at Strathfield is really good.

Strathfield Park Playground + Bike Track

Beside the playground near Chalmers Street is a terrific small bike track with road markings and lights and Stop signs. It’s an excellent track for learner trike and bike riders. Read all about Strathfield Park here.

1 BMX Bikeing Terry Hills 7
The BMX Bike Track at Terrey Hills… ready, set… go!

Terrey Hills BMX Bike Track

A fantastic bike track for older kids and those learning to ride mountain bikes. Check out the full post and photos here.

Winnererremy Bay Playground, Mona Vale

The huge oval by the playground has a bike track around it.  For more info click the Winnererremy Bay Payground post here.

Willoughby Park, Willoughby

There’s a small bike track by the playground and then a large bike track all around the oval. Photos and Willoughby Park  info here.

So that’s our list of the best kids learn-to-ride bike tracks in Sydney. Whew!  Look at the comments below as well as more may be added by readers.

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Find More Sydney Cycling Routes and Courses

Most councils have maps of the local area showing cycle routes. Check council websites, most are happy to post out maps.

Check the Austcycle website to find cycle training in your area.

Where did you learn to ride a bike?

Can you add any more bike tracks to this list?

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