The Canopy Lane Cove: Playground, Park and Shopping

Who’s been to visit the new playground at The Canopy Lane Cove? There is much more to this community space than just the playground, of course, with a large village green space, a stage, water play and two supermarkets on the underground level below. More cafes and restaurants will open around the area which to me looks like a modern Australian piazza.

The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 7

However, the playground is the main drawcard, I have to say. It is terrific, and very popular already. It is a shock to realise that this space used to be the Rosenthal Avenue car park, what an improvement the Canopy is!

The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 12
There are water play fountains on the left side of this piazza space; will be great in summer

Playground for older children

The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 14
The huge rocker looks incredibly sturdy. The playground was hectic when I visited one day in school holidays.

There is some really fun, and quite challenging play equipment which will delight older children. The main huge play structure has vertical nets to climb, a wobbly bridge, two play areas up high, a fireman’s pole, a fab twisty slide and another smaller slide and more.

The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 5
Love these in-ground mini trampolines.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove
This is the Village Green area, loads of grass for children to play on, when it is ready for it. The stage looks all ready to go too.

Toddlers Playground At The Canopy Lane Cove

The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 13
The toddlers’ play area is all set within a gigantic sand pit.This climbing wall is very cool and has a delightful little tunnel too.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 10
I do like the huge wooden logs for adults to sit on as the kids play.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 11
This water pump was getting a workout when we visited, and creating a delightful muddy patch for kids to mess themselves up in. You can see the toddler climbing structure behind.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 2
Beside the stage you will find BBQs and shelters with tables.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 15
There are some interesting climbing areas here too.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 4
Cute little wooden stepping stones to jump around.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 9
More huge logs to relax on… if you can.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 1
Wide walkways mean that small bikes and trikes can be used here too.
The Canopy Playground Lane Cove 8
Love the twisty slide, but good to have a slide for younger children too.

The Canopy Playground: Details

2 Rosenthal Avenue, Lane Cove

The Canopy website is here

Nearest coffee: Cafes close to the playground

Toilet: Public toilets near the playground include an adult change facility, nice to see adults with disabilities being treated equally. There is a parents room too, and you can also find toilets at the stage building by the BBQs and shelters.

Shade: Yes, from shade cloth and trees growing as fast as they can

Enclosed: No

Mum’s tip: try to go early or late… this space is already very popular and busy!

Extra: The joys of Lane Cove Aquatic Centre are not far away. The main shopping thoroughfare is right beside the Canopy too, so this makes a top spot to let the kids run wild after a shopping trip. The Canopy has its main shopping area with supermarkets below ground level; there are lifts and escalators to take you down from the open spaces and playground to the shops.

Parking: The Canopy has its own underground car park, open from 6am – 1am daily. The entrance to the car park is on the roundabout at the intersection of Rosenthal Avenue and Finlayson Street. Levels P2 and P4 offer three hours of free parking, level P1 has one hour free express parking.

The Canopy: Green Extras

Green Wall: Near the playground you will see a 20 square metre green wall covered in plants which improve air quality, so it’s practical as well as a beautiful piece of living art. This wall will also cool the air near to it in hot weather, and provides a sound barrier.

Rainwater Harvesting: rain runoff from the roof and water from the water fountain play areas are recycled to be used to irrigate the landscaping.

Solar Arbour: beside the playground is a covered walkway which is covered in innovative printed solar cells developed by the University of Newcastle. After 5pm each day, visitors can set off a display of LED lighting which is powered by these flexible and recyclable solar cells. We didn’t see this, so must go back one evening.

I hope that you have a good idea now of how very enjoyable a visit toThe Canopy playground is. The Canopy will become a central hub for local families who will be able to eat and play in this lovely open-air setting.

I love the combination of Italian piazza and Engligh Village Green, and too the efforts that have been made to use a great deal of natural materials in this urban setting.

Hope you will enjoy your visit!

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