The News on Noosa- Where To Find Great Info

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What’s the first thing you do when you arrive in a new place?

For me, it’s a search and collect mission. I’m out and about finding the local newspapers plus useful brochures and freebie guides.

These days I add free and sometimes paid iPhone apps to that list.

Local newspapers are the best though, from the Scottish Sunday Post to the New Sabah Times and the Ghana’s Daily Mail, I’ve loved reading local papers everywhere I’ve ever wandered.

Here’s the haul from Noosa.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

The Noosa News helps you catch up on local events, news and gossip.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

The Hinterland Times will take you out beyond Noosa and give you ideas for day trips.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

I always check out the adverts on the freebie maps.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

We stayed on Hastings Street, loved going off for a wander, map in hand.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

The one that got away, will definitely do this next time.

Noosa newspapers and brochures

Local cinema listings are always essential reading.

Noosa app

Free Noosa app, find it in iTunes.

 Do you read the local papers when you travel?

Read any funny stories recently?


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Posted on: May 31, 2012

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  • Yes! They’re a brilliant way to find out what’s going on off the normal touristy grid and to get a sense of what makes the locals tick. A great starting point for conversations with the locals too! I’m an insatiable reader when I go somewhere new too:)

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