The Scenic Skyway at Scenic World In The Blue Mountains


If you’re scared of heights, click off this page right now!

But if you like standing on a glass-bottomed cable car, suspended 270 metres above some of the most beautiful views in the world, read on.


Just looking at it makes me feel giddy!!

This was the ride at Scenic World that I thought might be too nerve wracking for me, never mind the kids. In fact it was fine, and am amazing experience.

You really are suspended in midair, with amazing 360° views all around and down into the ravines below, and to the Three Sisters and gorgeous Jamison Valley.

Scenic Skyway

The ride is 720 metres, quite a way. You can disembark and enjoy some of the bush trails at the far end, and then ride back to Scenic World, or even walk back if the fancy takes you.

All my photos here were taken on a really misty day. It was quite amazing to travel on the Skyway through the clouds, with views of the forest and waterfalls opening up here and there.

Quite ethereal. A wee bit spooky at times too!

Scenic Skyway

It was great to do the right when it wasn’t too crowded.

Scenic Skyway

The kids were actually much bolder than I was.

Scenic Skyway

You can just see the big waterfall there.

Scenic Skyway

Floating through the clouds was really unique.

Scenic Skyway

I love this photo, very atmospheric and serene.

Scenic Skyway

Approaching the station at the far end, beautiful walks here for a sunnier day.

Have you braved the Scenic Skyway?

Love it? Scared???!!!

 Happy travelling.



For general information about Scenic World and the good value prices for families, click here.

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Scenic World Intro Katoomba Blue Mountains

This blog is proudly sponsored by Scenic World.


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Posted on: July 26, 2013


  • Reply July 26, 2013


    Wow! I would absolutely love to do that! The pictures are amazing!

  • Reply July 26, 2013

    JodiGibson (

    OH my! That would totally freak me out but I would love to do it. Didn’t even know it existed. Thanks Seana.

  • Reply July 27, 2013


    Oh my!!
    As beautiful as this is, there is NO WAY! I could even think about doing this or letting my family on board!!! I am terrified just looking at your pictures 🙂

    • Reply July 27, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Now come along, don’t be a cowardy custard!! Actually seriously, it is a ride for daredevils but the incredible beauty makes it well worth it.

  • Reply July 27, 2013


    I’ve been on this and yes, you’re a very long way up. I have a bit of an issue with heights and am always so relieved when the ride finally makes it to the other side xx

  • Reply July 27, 2013


    It’s loads of fun, isn’t it. What a great fog! I love the walks around the drop off and drop on points as well. It’s a really lovely day out for everyone. x

  • Reply July 27, 2013


    Seana, the waterfall must look amazing from up there! x

  • Reply July 28, 2013


    That looks incredible! I’ve never done it, but I absolutely would! I can only imagine how much fun it was going through the clouds too. And I agree, I think you got some really lovely pictures with great atmosphere because of all that mist!

    • Reply July 28, 2013

      Seana Smith

      I will go back to get photos in sunshine too, but the mist is cool. Thanks for visiting, I’ve just been over to look at your lovely accom in Vermont, very very beautiful. What a stunning place you live in.

  • Reply July 29, 2013

    Desire Empire

    It’s great that you can get off at the other end and have a look around. That is new feature as in the old days it was a round trio with no alighting at the other end. The cable car was a rickety old thing with chicken wire in part of the seat so you could see through it. The cable car looks so sophisticated now and it’s definitely time for a revisit.

  • Reply July 29, 2013

    Lisa Wood

    Oh My gosh. That looks so very magical – I am so going to take our family there this weekend, especially my son Zachery. He is off to the navy so I want to show him and spend as much time with him as possible before he heads off.
    This looks like the most magical place to be, mind you I am not so sure how I will go with the heights/the glass bottom of the cage!! Will have to put my big girl pants on, and be brave for the view.
    Is there a good time of the year to be on the Skyway Scenic World?

    • Reply July 30, 2013

      Seana Smith

      Hello don’t think any time of year better. It can get very busy and our family not great in crowds, how does yours go?

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