Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls – Raw Treats For Kids

After many incarnations and attempts… I’ve perfected the Thermomix lemon and coconut ball. The kids scoff them, I do too, and now the recipe is here on the blog rather than scribbled on a bit of paper with many corrections and additions.  I’ll never lose it again!

Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 1
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls peeling lemon
It is best to peel the lemon very finely, you need a super sharp peeler

Recipe websites often irritate me by having lots of words and photos before the recipe, so I won’t do that to you, dear reader. Here’s the recipe!

Thermomix Lemon + Coconut Balls

Thermomix Lemon + Coconut Balls


  • zest of one lemon
  • juice of two lemons
  • 3 tbs maple syrup
  • 75g (1 cup) almond meal
  • 75g cocount oil, melted
  • 100g (1 cup) desiccated coconut
  • 5 medjool dates, pitted
  • extra coconut for rolling balls in


Peel the lemon zest off using a potato peeler.

Place zest and coconut in Thermomix and whizz for 10 seconds at speed 8, scrape down and repeat until zest is completed blended into coconut.

Add all the rest of the ingredients and blend 10 seconds at speed 6. Scrape down and repeat if necessary.

The mixture is quite soft at this stage but will firm up as the coconut oil sets. If I have time, I let the mixture firm up for 15-20 minutes at this stage.

Roll into small balls and cover in coconut, then keep in fridge.

Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw 3
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw 4
Here is the mixture all smooshed up
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 5
This TM31 has been going well for years, expensive item but it’s lasted 10 years and is still going strong
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls - Raw Treats For Kids 6
Thermomix Lemon and Coconut Balls
The lovely result, so good for the kids and adults too

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I’m drooling at the thought of these rich, tangy, lemony bites.

Off to the kitchen!

What’s your fave healthy snack of the moment?

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    1. says: Seana Smith

      I had tried out all sorts of version, from biscuits and condensed milk lemon balls to ones just made with nuts and coconut. Had all sorts of bits of paper with scribbles. Glad to have got a good copy now to use henceforth. I use my blog to cook my own recipes a lot, do you too?

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, it’ll work with any powerful blender, and maybe with zest in the lemon first. Zest Inglis my personal bête noir in the kitchen so I love that I can whoosh the rind up easily. Enjoy!

  1. says: Rhi

    They look delicious! But please just bear in mind they contain almond meal so keep them as a treat for home, they won’t be allowed in lunch boxes in most school and preschools 🙂

  2. I’m normally not a fan of lemon flavour but these look irresistable! I think the addition of the coconut would offset the tangyness abit. My favourite healthy snack at the moment are baked sweet potato crisps but it’s beginning to taste boring now , and this recipe is inspiring 🙂

  3. says: Carmar

    Lovely recipe. I don’t have a thermo mix and still made these easily by finely chopping my zest and dates best i could and used my food processor to combine. I only used juice from one lemon not 2 ( i only have one lemon ) and they still had lots of flavour. I will be making these again. Certainly satisfied my sweet tooth.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Oh thank you for letting me know, it’s lovely to get your feedback. And your experience is really handy for others who read. Much appreciated.

  4. says: Mamacrooks

    Sooo delicious. Tastes like a dessert cake! A little soft but they are in the fridge now hardening up 🙂
    Thank you for this recipe!

      1. says: Angela

        If you did use sunflower seeds how long would you whizz them for? Would there be another alternative to sunflower seeds to as may try a couple of options?

        1. says: Seana Smith

          Oh, I’m not sure Maybe the same amount of time? It’s all trial and error, and I often stop the Thermie and scrape down the sides when experiementing.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello Michelle, yes they can be. I usually freeze these and other fruit and nut balls I make… partly to stop me and Teen18 from scoffing the lot immediately. Cheers

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