Thermomix Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream – Quick and Easy

Maybe this should be called Instant Thermomix Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream, because it’s just frozen yoghurt blended with frozen fruit, a touch of sugar and voila.

It is quick and very easy to make, but you do need the power of the Thermomix to blend the frozen ingredients.

Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream Thermomix

Freshly and very quickly churned – delicious and simple Thermomix Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream.

Too easy. You just need a very powerful blender.

I do mine in the Thermomix these days. There is a Thermomix recipe for sorbet using ice cubes, but I prefer to get some thick Greek yoghurt into my kids.

I have done this in the past with a stick blender and small cubes of frozen yoghurt and it did work – OK for small quantities but not ideal.

 Quick Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream – In The Thermomix


  • 1 tray frozen yoghurt
  • 250g frozen raspberries
  • 1 egg white
  • 130g sugar (you might prefer more)
frozen yoghurt ice. cream thermomix raspberry
Yoghurt frozen in my metal ice tray


  1. First freeze some think Greek yoghurt (I must measure this properly one day but am sure most trays hold a similar amount.)
  2. Mill the sugar for a minute until it’s as fine as icing sugar.
  3. Add the frozen raspberries into your blender and whizz around until berries are all broken up.
  4. Add egg white and all the frozen yoghurt.
  5. Blend very fast, you will need to stop every so often to mix with a spoon, to ensure all the yoghurt blends in smoothly.
  6. Pop into freezer if you want it to firm up further.
  7. Or just grab a spoon and scoff immediately.
Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream Thermomix
A bowl of Thermomix Raspberry Yoghurt Ice Cream – yummy!

I buy frozen raspberries and keep them in the freezer all year round.


Why? Just because…..

Raspberries Are A Superfood!

  • super high in fibre
  • super high in antioxidants
  • low in calories
  • so delicious!!

Do you love raspberries at your house?

What’s your favourite fast ice cream dessert?

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  1. says: Mairi Stones

    Love em! In fact i just picked about 1/2 kilo in my garden from rasps which have seeded themselves, amazingly. My favourite food. I must try the recipe but it’ll be sugar free and soya yogurt here. X

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Envious Mairi, they taste best straight from the bush, warmed by the Scottish sun on a summer’s day. Homesick

  2. says: Ella

    *MILL THE SUGAR FIRST* if you are using a thermomix , I also would have used less sugar because my Berrys were extra sweet (: next Time ill try it with frozen mango!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      You are right… in fact I made it lately with caster sugar and didn’t mill it first and it was OK but not as good as if I had… will amend recipe.

      Thank you!!

  3. says: Lee Smith

    I have decided to give this a go & have just filled 2 Tupperware ice cube trays out of a 850gm tub of yoghurt & had about 1-2 spoonsful left in the tub after filling the trays so they must hold approx 400gms each. Can’t wait for it to freeze so I can make some up.

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