Three Reasons NOT To Send Your Kids To Private School

Private school hats

Stand back, I’m about to go into full rant. Flecks of sputum may fly as I foam at the mouth, gesticulate wildly and gibber nonsense.

Feel free to fall about laughing and point your fingers at me and say; ‘How can you be so dim?’

You see, my twins finished the school year- so early in December!

It’s an outrage!

Bloody private bloody schools.

It’s all been a mistake and I should never have done it. It’s all the fault of autism spectrum disorder and really they should just change schools for next year.

Not all the kids are at private schools, thank goodness…. and today I really wish none were….


The Three Reasons Never To Send Your Children To Private School

1. The school holidays are FAR too long... honestly, which schools finish on December 1st?? Our school is outdoing itself this year with this super-early finish. It’s terrible, it’s nonsense… how are we supposed to work? To get Christmas sorted out?  (I have not done ONE THING to prepare yet.)

2. The school uniforms are stupidly expensive.  My Mr9 has a schoolboy’s hat which serves absolutely no purpose other than torturing me. It is constantly disappearing. Why can’t hats be surgically attached to heads? And… it costs $50 each time we replace it… which is approximately the cost of my public school son’s ENTIRE uniform.

3. The kids’ friends live too far away.  Local public schools mean local friends, almost everyone will live pretty close to the school. Private schools mean (in my experience) that at least 60% of the pupils live bloody miles away. This means extraordinary long car trips for playdates, sleepovers, parties etc etc It’s a pain and we’re destroying the planet to boot.

So, if you are thinking of starting your children at a private school next year – think again!

Take a hit, loose the deposit, you will end up tens of thousands of dollars ahead in the long run… plus the kids will be at school until almost Christmas and you might have a chance of actually making a few mince pies and stringing up some decorations.

So go on, laugh, laugh loud and long… then book a holiday with all the money you don’t spend on school fees.

You’re quite right, it’s a big mistake for the kids to go private. And yes I really should change schools next year… and yes, I think about that all the time….

Actually I did decide to change the big boys’ school in the January school holidays one year… but that’s another blog post…

Now then, would anyone like to mind the twins for me from approx 2nd – 22nd December??  They are dear little people and they can do simple household jobs.

No takers??!!

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  1. says: Mairi Stones

    Blimey, that is early, our private educated child end’s 19th same as the other in the local school. Thing is I don’t feel the same at all, I like it when they are at home, I think it’s a hangover from home educating them, which I missed much more than they did.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Now that mine are generally less wild, the school hols do have lot of great points… the teens need the long lie ins especially. It’s not that school hols are as hard as I used to find them… thogh Mr8 does better with activity and structure, I feel… but I do want and need to work too… also but them a pressie each! When Paul comes home, it will all be fine though and that’s mid-Dec.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, that’s right… and to make matters worse, our school – which I absolutely love in so many ways – lets us know the annual fee increase just as we are realising the full horror of the end of term being nigh.

      I must write a post about the good bits of this tiny school… but NOT today!!

  2. I am still getting my mind around how working mums are meant to handle school holidays full stop.
    We had my son set to go to a private primary school in Cairns because he was going to be the youngest in class, is tiny for his age anyway and has heaps of health issues. The Queensland government doesn’t allow kids to start school late. Fortunately for us we moved to Victoria where different cut off dates meant he was due to start school a whole 12 months later so public school it is. Hallelujah!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Very, very wise Danielle! These two of mine would be fine anywhere… I sent my oldest boy there as it’s a beaut wee school and his special needs (and mine) were well looked after. And we fell in love with the school… except for this time of year.

  3. says: Tegan

    I grew up and went to school in central western Queensland. They always finish a week earlier than the southern schools. So school there officially finishes on the 5th of December this year. Luckily for my mum she managed to get a job that was during school hours and we lived in a small town so I was able to stay home by myself.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes, that sounds good. The full-time working paranets at our school have a hard time. I’m so glad to be part-time and mostly work at home (not that I get much of that done in hols.) I now have a young au pair here so she will help a lot on the days I am in the office.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      You are KIDDING??!! That’s the earliest I have ever heard of… don’t you have a sudden urge to change schools, I always do at this time of year. Woe is us… at least the teenagers are a bit self-sifficient, and can sleep ALL morning.

  4. Do it Seana! Change schools! Think of the carbon footprint you’re leaving 🙂

    I loved that my kids went to the local primary school – they could walk to school with their friends and there was always plenty of after-school and holiday support with a network of mums all so close together.

    It’s all a bit different in high school though – especially as all the local schools appear to be selective, so friends are now anywhere between Mosman and Mona Vale. But at least there’s no fancy hats which they would refuse to wear anyway.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Yes Deb, you are a wise woman… the twins’ school is a 7 minute drive from home with no traffic lights… but I did used to drive from Willoughby when we lived there. I’d like them to be country kids who rode 5 miles on a horse…. We do miss out on the mums network, in one way. There are fab mums at school, really love them but they do live miles away some of them which can mean an hours round trip to pick kids up which does not make for easy weekends….

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Not really, cos the kids go from 8.20am – 3.20pm, so they do an hour more every day and that’s why they have the super long holidays…. My kids are early risers so the early start is no worries…. I must re-program them for the holidays.

  5. My understanding of the crazy early finish every year is because their school days are longer than state schools, so I guess it’s time in lieu? Personally I’d prefer shorter days and longer holidays! And don’t get me started on the uniform shop prices. Ours is basically like a department store that never has a sale!! Ranty comment writer over & out!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Delighted to have a ranter comrade… yes, why are there no sales in the uniform shop… I guess the second hand section is a bit like that and luckily it’s run well at our school. Hooray!

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I was in Scotland and I’m telling you the whole summer holiday notion was totally different to here… our summers were like Sydney winter holidays in terms of the weather… being here is like being on holiday in itself… we must get to the beach heaps in these holidays.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Just get into the second hand uniform shop ASAP… there’s always good quality stuff and the prices are half or so of brand new stuff… and your eyes will still water!

  6. says: Crystal

    I hear you! Our daughter started school this year so we were shocked to discover that school finishes so early. I was so angry. We have 2 whole weeks that we are not sure what to do with her as vacation care doesn’t start till the public schools finish and both my husband and I can’t really take holidays but we are going to have to. We don’t have family near us so we are stuck. I am seriously considering changing her to a public school next year as I am sick of all the days off.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I sympathise! There are some school holiday programs that start straight away near us… not cheap though!! You might be able to find some in your area, cn I help at all??

  7. says: Hope

    Lol too funny. Yep private school is expensive! But hang in there oh just like 10 -15 more years. They’ll thank you for the efforts in the long run after exceptional schooling and well appointed young adults.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I can’t imagine my hairy, long-armed teens ever being well appointed adults!! But you never know, do you… fingers crossed.

  8. says: Hotly Spiced

    I have a lot of friends with kids in private schools and all the mums are complaining about how early this year is finishing. I’m enjoying my little guy being in the public system but we only have two more years of it before he’ll be heading off to a private high school. I’d love to send him to the local public high school but it’s a no uniform school with little discipline and few sporting opportunities and so I’m feeling forced to go the private school road. Dreading those ever-increasing fees though xx

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello Charlie, enjoy those long terms whilst you can… my son at the local public high school (with uniform, but he’s thrilled to have not had to cut his hair all year, it’s longer than mine now) will go mad when he sees how much earlier the twins go on holidays.

  9. 1200noon pick up Tuesday 2nd December…so I am with you – albeit 24hrs later…isn’t this why they have those loooooong summer camps in the States – couldn’t we instigate a culture for those here – please – because quite frankly, as much as my two are perfectly pleasant individuals -stuck together for 8 weeks (yes and counting) they become hungry, needy monsters – more you pay, less they stay….grrrr….x

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I will send the twins away but just for four nights, the teens seem to be refusing to go anywhere but they do have jobs so that will fill some of the time. Mine all do get on each others nerves, especially in really hot weather. Thank goodness for the pool inthe backyard, essential to my sanity.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      I felt so much better once I go that all off my chest… and it’s prompted more thoughts on the good and bad side of my four’s schooling experiences and why we’ve made some of the choices we have. No shortage of subjects to write about here at Casa Chaos.

  10. says: Fred

    Get over it. You would have known all that up front. Take them out put them in a public school and deal. We both work and our private school does the same but i want them there for various reasons so I deal with it.

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Good on you! I should be used to it now, it’s been 13 years of the same school so far. But each November/December I am appalled anew. Slow learner.

  11. says: MultipleMum

    That is an outrage dear Seana!
    I would be completely out of kilter – I have three birthdays and Xmas to plan for by Dec 25 and haven’t done a thing!

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