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If you’re looking for a cruise around Sydney Harbour that’s unique and where you are in charge of where you go and what you do, here’s a boat that might suit.

Ucruise Sydney has the only ‘floating lounge’ on the Harbour. It’s super comfy, you can see out on all sides so fab views surround you, it’s very shallow and can easily pull up to a beach.

Sydney Harbour Cruises Ucruise_10
Here we are pulling up onto the beach at Watsons Bay – I didn’t even get my feet wet.

Ucruise Sydney is pretty luxurious, but it’s the freedom to go where you want that we really loved.

You need to rent the entire vessel, it seats 12 people, so ideal for a special family birthday or celebration.

Sydney Harbour Cruises Ucruise_9
Here’s a wide shot of the boat, it has canopies to protect you against sun and rain.


Sydney Harbour Cruises Ucruise_4
Ucruise Sydney owner Emmanuel About and his youngest son. Emmanuel started using these boats on the Seine in Paris then brought the idea over when he moved to Sydney.


Ucruise Sydney Harbour cruise with kids
Guests are often picked up at Darling Harbour, but can be collected from many places around the Harbour.
Sydney Harbour Cruises Ucruise_3
With its very shallow draught, the boat can get very close to shore. Excellent for seeing million-dollar homes close up.
Ucruise Sydney harbour cruises with kids
Love this shot of Shark Beach at Neilsen Park
Parsley Bay Vaucluse_2
After our coffee at Watsons Bay, we cruised past gorgeous Parsley Bay and went in to swim at Vaucluse Bay.


Ucruise Sydney children family
There are sea scooters on the boats which can be rented.


Leaping off the boat!


Ucruise Sydney sea scooter
Rusty Rocket quickly got to grips with the sea scooter – me too!

Read more on the Ucruise Sydney website here.  There are all sorts of types of cruises suggested, I do fancy a 2-hour sunset cruise with my beloved and a glass of champagne!

Children are welcome and life jackets are provided. Chat to the company who canhelp you work out an itinerary just for you.

Book me in for a cruise on the Seine next!

What’s your families favourite way to cruise the harbour? (I’m so envious of people with their own boats!)


Thanks to Ucruise Sydney for hosting us on a trip around the Harbour.


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