Virtual Room Sydney: Virtual Reality Escape Games For Kids Aged 10+

Have your teenagers pestered you about trying out a virtual reality experience in Sydney yet?

Virtual reality 500 4

If they haven’t, you can expect it to come soon.

Virtual room sydney how to wear head gear
Putting on the head set at Virtual Room Sydney

My twins have really enjoyed their virtual reality adventures. The latest fun was at Virtual Room Sydney. I took my daughter and her friend and they quickly got into the role playing and worked together to explore and ultimately escape the virtual reality world they found themselves in.

Not sure what I’m talking about??!!

Standing up in Virtual reality game

During virtual reality games, kids wear a head set and can see an entire virtual world through it. They can move about, pick things up and fly around at times. It’s exhilerating.

There are two different games to play at Virtual Room Sydney, these involve team work and problem solving… they’d be too hard for this old parental brain!

At Virtual Room Sydney, each kid has their own room and they stand up, making movement easier. 

virtual reality map and hands shown
This is a photo of what the girls were looking at. See the gloved hands here, my daughter was picking up the map here.

Teams can be made of two, three or four players who can all talk to each other to solve the problems presented. They are in separate rooms, but connected by voice and they can see each other in their virtual world.

Virtual reality 500
Here’s one of the other areas the kids explored, each game has five levels.

If the kids get stuck, they can ask for help from the team at Virtual Room Sydney, who can give clues and advice.

Virtual reality 500 1
My daughter in her virtual room, lots of movement happening!

Virtual Room Sydney

Level 5, 393 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: 02 9053 0221

Duration: Games take around one hour 

Minimum age:  10 years

Cost: $59 Friday – Saturday 10am – 10pm; $49 off peak 

Book via the Virtual Room Sydney website here.

Playing a virtual reality team game is not cheap, but a terrific activity for special occasions like birthdays and as a school holiday treat. Team it up with a play at Darling Quarter playground and explore some of the free fun things to do in Sydney and you can have a huge day out.

My kids will soon be heading into the city by themselves to do play these virtual reality  games.

How fast the time goes!

Find more fun things for teenagers to do in Sydney on this post.

Thanks to Virtual Room Sydney for kindly inviting my daughter and her friend to experience a game. They enjoyed themselves very much.

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