Good Enough Mum- Visual Schedule For The Morning Routine

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Now, please wish me luck with this one.  MrFour is a very early riser, just as Mr13 was before the raging hormones kicked in and rendered him lifeless before 9am.
MrFour has been taking things too far… and wetting the bed as well these mornings.  He outdid himself today by arriving at 5am chirping:”I just wet TWO BEDS!”
It’s not that 5am is necessarily unusually early… he’s only four.  But I am not four, or even 44, I’m 46 and I just am too old for regular 5am wakeups.
So… the visual schedule, just to make it REALLY clear to him what is the plan.   This needs to be stuck to very consistently by yours truly, often the stumbling block.
Anyway, the clock’s going into his room tonight, some different toys.. and also I’m just off to tack up some blackout material that I used for the big boys when they were little and just re-found.
Wish me luck…. I’m gonna need it.
Morning routines visual
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Posted on: November 24, 2010


  • Reply November 24, 2010

    Christie - Childhood 101

    Love the visual schedule – what a great reminder 🙂 Good luck!

  • Reply September 2, 2011


    Such a good idea. If I’d needed it I would’ve used this for sure! (as it is, I’ve got a visual cue ‘calendar’ for Miss 5’s door which cut down a lot of the “what’re we doing TODAY” questions! Helped her see the routine). I like it!

    • Reply September 3, 2011


      I must post the new one with 7am sometime. I started using visual schedules like this with my eldest who has autism spectrum, but have found that visuals work well for all the family… and for me too, helps me keep to a routine. My kids need and love routine, I’m not so keen so have a simple visual keeps me more on track that I’d be otherwise.

  • Reply September 4, 2011

    Jennifer Smart

    What a great idea. I might give this a go instead of stickers on charts.
    I laughed out loud when he announced he’d wet 2 beds – I’m sure he was very proud!

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