Wahroonga Park Playground Review

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Mireia Garriga Seguranyes is mum to three beautiful girls, ages are 6, 4 and 2. Originally from Barcelona, Mireia has lived with her Australian husband in canada, then in Brisbane for five years and now in Sydney for almost two years. Mireia loves exploring with the kids and today she’s showing up Wahroonga Park’s lovely playground.

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Wahroonga Park Playground

Wahroonga Park, Corner Coonanbarra Road & Stuart Street, Wahroonga 2076 NSW

Wahroonga Park ticks all the boxes. It is the perfect park for toddlers, pre-schoolers and early teens. Enclosed, with new equipment, it is a jewel for mums and a paradise for the little ones.

Let’s be honest. Taking the kids to the park can be exhausting, despite the huge benefits for them. They burn energy and socialise with other children. But, for a mum like me, I particularly find parks that are too big very stressful. Maybe, it is because I have three little children and I only have two eyes and two hands?

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Wahroonga Park will not disappoint you. And your children will beg you to take them there again. Despite being a little park, it has the elements to tick all the boxes, except barbecues.

Knowing this in advance, it is still a very beautiful park for a picnic. If the picnic is not your thing, there is also a cafe across the road that is under renovations now, but it will reopen soon. Also, the shops and cafes of Wahroonga are a short stroll from the park.

The “star” of the park is with no doubt the modern and new equipment. The park was upgraded two years ago. There is an area that is designed for toddlers and another one that is designed for pre-schoolers / early teens.

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The area for toddlers has soft rubber, which is perfect for the ones that are only starting to walk. This area is so cute with the little train and the platform!!! Next to the train, there is a little house with a climbing roof. Also, the toddler area has a mini slide and a set of swings with ‘basket’ seats, which makes it perfect.

For the pre-schoolers to early teens, boats inspire this part of the park. My children loved the “mast” and the pirate ship structure. This area is very multifunctional. The kids can slide, climb, hide underneath the structure and role-play.

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Other “faves” are the rotating roundabout and the flying fox. You might think, “Oh, this makes Wahroonga Park perfect!” I must say that this is true. But, the reality is that unless you are a tall person, there is no way to reach the handle from the top of the platforms. If you are taller than me, then, “yes” this is the place to spend hours and hours.

Wahroonga Park Playground7


The playground also has a couple of stations with spinning wheels where the children can listen to different sounds. Therefore, the sensory stimulus is also covered here.

Outside the fenced are, there are three different types of swings: the conventional ones, the big round one, and the “hammock” like type. What else? Not bad, considering that it is not a big park…

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The park has big trees that provide lots of shade. There are low trees with strong branches, which are perfect for the intrepid children that love to climb…

There are a couple of fountains. One is inside the enclosed area and the other one is next to the toilets building.

Another important detail is that there are lots of benches, inside and outside the fenced area.

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Toilets/Baby change: Yes / No, but the disabled toilets have a wooden bench that works perfectly as a changing table.

Nearest takeaway coffee:
Yes, across the road. “Coonanbarra Cafe” is under renovations now. But, I talked to the owner and he plans to reopen late September / October under a different name “Patina”. The Cafe will be very child friendly and it will be even open for business at the weekends. The menu will have yummy milkshakes, according to the owner… I can anticipate another trip to Wahroonga Park very soon 😉

Enclosed: Yes, except a second set of swings. There are swings in the enclosed area, too.

Shade: Partial shade cloth sail

Mum’s report:
A great playground that it could be visited every day and the kids would never be bored. The equipment is fantastic. Good community feel for the mums, too. I have visited some parks that there aren’t hardly any children and so, hardly any adults. Sometimes, a park where you can find good company makes the difference. Wahroonga is one of those
Extra: It has beautiful manicured gardens and a quite big classy rotunda that can be booked for events.

Nearest station:
Wahroonga Train Station

Bus stop nearby:
Yes, at Wahroonga Train Station that is across the park. For major routes, lots of buses stop at the Pacific Highway, which is 10 minutes walk.


Parking: If driving, parking is available on the streets around the park. There is no meter, but there is a limitation of time (a maximum of 2-3 hours depending on the spot). 

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Thank you Mireia!




Where’s your kids’ favourite playground in Sydney?





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