Family Fun at Jervis Bay – The Wreck Walk from Abraham’s Bosom, Currarong

The Wreck Walk from Abraham’s Bosom in Currarong is a really easy 2.5km walk, very suitable for young children and even for parents with babies and toddlers in 4WD strollers.

Obviously, there’s much discussion of pirates, shipwrecks, buried treasure etc on a walk like this.

My friend and I, with our four twins, went on a wild and windy day. The waves were crashing on the beach with the remnants of the wreck, spray was flying through the air, too wet to even take a photo!

Currarong is just north of Jervis Bay, a gorgeous old fishing village.
Abraham’s Bosom is an excellent name for a beach! The walk starts at the carpark there.
There’s something a little bit magical about starting a walk by walking over a long, wooden bridge. Look out for trolls popping up demanding to know: ‘Who’s trip-trapping over MY bridge?!’
A little way up the track there’s lots of info to read.
And this map, to show you where to go. One day we’ll do the longer options, but it’s the short walk for today.
Love a well-sign posted track.
All sorts of games keep the kids occupied: who can find 10 stones? Who’s going to run ahead to hide?
Great enthusiasm as we near Wreck Beach. (The wreck occurred in the 1920’s, a cargo/passenger ship, no lives lost.)
Too windy!! The wreck itself is just a pile of twisted metal on the rocks, accessible at low tide but not this windy day.)
The walk then goes along by the sea. You can pop down to other beaches.
Beautiful colour! But this really was a wild and windy day.
Picnicking in the carpark, our twins spotted these kookaburra quads and were delighted.

Find heaps more fun things to do in and around Currarong here.

Can you recommend a beautiful bush walk to other families?  

What are your top tips and tricks for helping little children to enjoy a walk?

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