Warriewood Cinema Centre’s ‘Baby Crying Rooms’ – Child-Friendly Cinemas in Sydney

Remember to let your babies know that they don’t HAVE to cry when you take them into the ‘baby crying rooms’ at Warriewood Cinema Centre!

Tell them, really you’d prefer if they snoozed, or watched the movie with you!

This much-loved cinema on Sydney’s Northern Beaches is a bit of a mecaa for local mums and dads, and worth travelling to get to.

Enjoy your movie!


Warriewood Cinema Centre

4 Vuko Place

Warriewood 2102

Phone: 9913 2744

Warriewood website here

Times: All screenings in three of the cinemas

‘Baby crying rooms’ are found in three of the centre’s seven cinemas. Each has four seats. There are volume, air conditioner and light dimmer controls in the rooms.

Strollers can be left in the front of the cinema. Many people bring their carseat or bouncer in for the baby to sit in.

The cinema’s website doesn’t have any information about the ‘baby crying rooms’ so it’s best to call ahead to check what movies you can see. It’s a very good idea to book ahead to. Just call the cinema to chat it all through.

Baby change: Change mats provided in the crying rooms

Parking: Free carpark, entrance on Vuko Place

Bus stop nearby: Yes


Do you take your baby or toddler to the movies?

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Posted on: August 19, 2018

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