Warriewood Wetlands – A 2.4km Family Walk Along Boardwalks

Warriewood  Wetlands gave us a lovely surprise!  Who knew that 26 hectares of wetland was hidden here so close to Warriewood Square?

Warriewood Wetlands 1
Our family enjoying a walk along the Warriewood Wetlands boardwalks

Not me for a long, long time.

Warriewood Wetland is the largest remaining sandplain wetland in Sydney. After many decades of dispute, this important area is now protected and can be enjoyed by the community.

The long boardwalks running over the wetlands mean that walkers can get into the heart of the wetlands and enjoy watching the waterbirds and other animals, without getting their feet wet.  This is an area particularly enjoyed by birdwatchers who look out for the powerful owl, the endangered regent honeyeater and the goshawk. Over 80 species of birds have been logged in this relatively small area.

Warriewood Wetlands walk is for families as it is so flat. There’s also an enclosed playground and BBQs right there. Too handy!

warriewood wetlands walk forest
This section of the walk runs through the bus

 Walking in Warriewood Wetlands

I’d recommend parking near the playground which is at Katoi Reserve, on the corner of Garden Street and Jackson Road, Warriewood.  There are parking spaces at Katoi Close.

Then walk either way around the loop. That is, either onto the path to the west which leads onto one of the boardwalks, or walk along Jackson’s Road and then left alongside the back of the shopping centre and then into the wetlands.

Here’s an aerial Warriewood Wetlands map to show you all of the 2.4km of walking available at Warriewood wetlands.

Warriewood wetland aerial map

Whichever way you do it, there are two very long boardwalks. We really enjoyed walking slowly along, the older ones of us, or haring along them like maniacs, the younger ones. It is fun to see lots of ducks and to try to see frogs and lizards as you walk along. It also feels lovely to be in a city and yet walking along through landscape that looks primordial.

The walkway network felt longer than 2.4km long, I have to say but then I was often giving a shoulder ride to one of the twins. Good exercise.  I think the walk took us over an hour.

bullrushes at Warriewood wetlands
The kids loved seeing all the large bullrushes

This walk would be fine for strollers, but note that bikes are not allowed, nor are dogs due to the many animals that live in the wetlands and its sensitive ecosystem.

Starting and finishing at the playground works well as the kids can have a play to finish. Or you could have a BBQ and make a longer trip of it.

ducks and boardwalk at Warriewood wetlands
Looking at the ducks as we walk along
views from boardwalk at Warriewood Wetlands
Do you think there are any grogs hiding in here?
Warriewoord wetlands walk daughter on shoulders
“Dad, Dad, carry me!’
warriewood wetland ducks
Keep your eyes peeled, the ducks are very good at camouflage

You could combine this walk with another short walk to the Irrawong Waterfall which is very close by. Rocket Park, more correctly known as Warriewood Valley Playgrounds also very close to this walk.

Have you explored the Warriewood Wetlands?

Is there somewhere similar that you can tell other families about?

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  1. says: Mal

    Visited here just recently with three others. Absolutely marvellous. Various varieties of ducks were plentiful as were other birds. A natural paradise right in the middle of suburbia.
    Highly recommended for all ages.

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