West Epping Park + Playground: Great For Kids of All Ages

West Epping Park and its wonderful playground are great. It offers something for all age groups, which is quite rare.

West Epping Park playground

Also, you can see all your children easily in the different play areas . I really love this! Having three daughters of different ages complicates the logistics. They don’t always want to play together.

The play equipment is without a doubt the star of the park. The other key feature of the park is two synthetic sporting fields, which can be booked for soccer during winter.

Besides the fields, there is a cricket pitch, a basketball court, tennis courts, a small skateboard area, several paths and a ping-pong table, which is a great addition.

West Epping Park playground 5

West Epping Park also has generous picnic shelters with electric barbecues close to the playground area and drinking fountains with dogs’ bowls incorporated. How cool is that!

Overall, West Epping Park is a fantastic space to discover.

West Epping Park: a park with multiple play spaces

Dent St, Epping NSW 2121

By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

West Epping Park has lots of play equipment. It is distributed in two different areas.

The toddler – pre-schooler’s area

West Epping Park playground 4
Miss 5 year old still had lots of fun playing in the car

The playground for toddlers and pre-schoolers is set on soft rubber, which is perfect for little kids. It has a bright cubby house structure with a little slide and an interconnecting tube, a little car, a baby swing, spinning flowers / musical instruments and small merry-go-round.

Despite not being a fenced playground area, in the event that kids could escape, they really need to be good runners in order not to be able to catch them.

West Epping Park playground 8
The very long ramp provides wheel-chair access from the car park on Dent St

The big kids’ area

This area is definitely the main attraction of West Epping Park. The equipment for older kids is amazing. It consists on an impressive spider web connected to a tube style slide and a supersized bird’s nest swing. The spider web is for 5+ year olds, as there is a big gap at the top.

West Epping Park playground 3
Miss 3 year old tried to climb the web and “mama-bear” had to go for her rescue. After feeling very scared, she decided that was not a good idea…

For younger kids, there are some climbing ropes and three smaller slides. As they are aligned, my daughters had an epic time racing! The only drawback is that all the slides would be too hot in summer.

West Epping Park playground 7

Besides all the mentioned equipment, there is a tall disc spinner, a spinning wheel and several types of swings.

Also, there is mini sandpit area next to the spider web; so if you have younger kids like me, still they can have fun in this play area of the park.

On the other hand, if you have the opposite, older kids, your teens may enjoy the skate area, the basketball court or the ping-pong table that are adjacent to the mentioned play area.

West Epping Park playground 2
Miss 3 year old found more interesting to play with the sand than climbing the spider web, after the failing attempt to follow her sisters

West Epping Park Info

Toilets: Yes

Nearest takeaway coffee: Yes, the Epping YMCA that is next to the park and has a kiosk.

Enclosed: The playground is not fenced, but it is not dangerous unless you have very fast kids.

Shade: Some

Nearest station: Epping Train Station + bus 546 or 549 or 541

Bus stop nearby: Route 541 Stop at West Epping Public School (Ward St), route 546 and 549, both stop at Ray Rd with Mountain Rd.

Note: if you go by public transport, always remember to check the last updates.

Parking: For closer parking to the playground, I recommend the end of Dent Street, which has lots of spaces. It also provides wheel chair / stroller access thanks to a ramp.

West Epping Park playground 9

Also, you can park close to Epping YMCA (Ward St with Lilli Pilli St) but it can be busy because West Epping Public School is on the same street, too.

Another alternative is the car park close to the tennis courts on Grant Close. The access also is wheel chair / stroller friendly and there are plenty of disabled car spaces.

Mum’s report: West Epping Park is a great outdoor space that has something for everyone. It is the perfect park to go during school holidays, if you don’t live locally. With so much to do, your kids cannot say the annoying sentence “I am bored”.

Keep in mind that the park is new, so shade is limited. Plan a visit during winter or autumn, or even late afternoon during peak summer; apply sunscreen on your kids before you go; and, don’t forget the hats (as we did, omg!).



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West Epping Park playground 1

My daughters always have tons of fun at West Epping Park. They never want to leave! What is your kids’ favourite slide? 

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