Whales and Dolphins Videos- Jervis Bay

My children have been asking to see the little bit of video we shot of the dolphins who came to say g’day when we were on our fast boat trip around Jervis Bay.

And now they’ve got themselves off to school, I’ve managed to find it and load it onto Youtube.

This isn’t the best bit of footage we’ve ever shot.  The day was very grey and dull… but not to worry.  It’s always a great joy to see a dolphin in the wild, isn’t it?  And there’s much lovelier footage following below.



We haven’t seen whales in the Bay, but we’d love to one day.

And to whet the kids’ appetities, I found these videos on Youtube, taken last year when a right whale and calf spent some time in the bay.

Here’s the video of a southern right whale at Hyams Beach, posted on Youtube


Here’s a much shorter clip, and much, much noiser, taken by someone from the boat very close to the whale.  Too much racket from the watchers, isn’t that whale noise harassment??!!

Have your children seen whales or dolphins in the wild?

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Posted on: February 7, 2012

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    Sushi Vegas

    OMG !! The dolphins look beautiful !! In love with ’em !! Cheers

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