From Hot Springs to cool quirky cafes: Taiwan With Kids

Taiwan is the secret sparkling jewel of Asia, a tropical island with towering mountains, bubbling hot springs, heaps of culture and a fascinating history of colonisation…  but more importantly….  lots of great food and fun stuff to do.

Here’s are some videos from our recent trip to Taiwan. Those present were myself, Teen16 and Ms10.

Each video will be really, really short so I hope you’ll click on them and let the moving pictures tell their thousands of words.

Beitou Hot Springs, near Taipei

Beitou wasn’t at all what we expected!  Have a look at the boiling, bubbling hot springs here and the gorgeous Hot Springs Museum. I LOVED this visit.

Cool Quirky Theme Cafes 

We ate at such cool cafes in Taiwan, themed cafes are really popular there. My wee daughter was sad that the Hello Kitty Cafe wan’t open when we were there.

Here’s a wee video from our favourite one, the Modern Toilet Café in Taipei.

Other café favourites were:

Rilakkuma is a famous Japanese teddy bear character and the Rilakkuma Café in Tapei.


Another cute and quirky Japanese dwarf character is Kobito and the cafe is Kobitos’ Secret Garden in Taipei.


Robot Station in Taichung, is robot-themed and has a robot shop.


Lang Lang Bie Ku in Taipei, the name means Lang Lang Don’t Cry. The cafe has rescue dogs living there and also promotes re-homing and funds a shelter for stray dogs.


Night Markets in Taiwan

Night markets are one of the big attractions of Taiwan. This is partly because the street food is so good.

Some of the night markets specialise in clothing, there can be loads of bargains for keen shoppers. Local shops on the night market streets are also open.

Night markets are laid back and very safe, so  fine for kids.

Here’s a one-minute video showing one of the night markets we visited, in the southern city of Kaohsiung.

Hope you enjoyed that. 

Here’s to happy family travels and safe exploring.

Thanks to Taiwan Tourism for hosting our visit.

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      Thanks Jean, I must be brave and do an actual voiceover on the next one, will be trickling them out slow but steady. It’s enjoyable to make them but does take a lot of time.

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