The White Sands Park and Playground in Huskisson

White Sands Park, with its wonderful playground, is a must-visit for families coming to Jervis Bay.

This playground must be a strong contender in the playspaces with the best waterviews stakes!  The vistas over Jervis Bay are glorious, and the equipment is pretty good too.

BBQ with a view at White Sands Park

This park is often called the spider park, here’s why!

My kids all scaled the heights of this big spider web climbing frame – me too!
white sands park spider web climbing frame
Eek… that’s my wee boy at the top


Coffee and icecream are just a hop, skip and a jump away from this park, and there’s heaps of space to play games too.

The swings are off to one side
Kids also like playing in the holey walls around the spiders web.

White Sands Park Playground, Huskisson

Parking: Parking spaces all around the park, plus a carpark by the pub on Owen Street.

Toilets: Good toilets in the park.

Coffee: Ask for a takeaway at the cafe on the corner of Bowen Street… the ice cream shop is right there too.

Extra: Fantastic little beach called Sharknet Beach is just down a path by the park. Great bike and walking tracks lead from this park all along the seafront to Vincentia and beyond.  Terrific cafes and shops within spitting distance in Huskisson.  Also lots of little paths around the park are good for learners on bikes and trikes.


White Sands park map:




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Are you a regular Huskisson holidaymaker?

Can you recommend any other great family-friendly spots?


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