Wizzy World, Willoughby- Closed now in Willoughby

Wizzy World has closed but hopefully will re-open in new premises.


This is an old post about Willoughby Wizzy World – kept for the memories!!



Ah, the joy I have felt whilst sitting firmly on my bottom, drinking a coffee and watching my children play!

Wizzy World is pretty close to where we live, not the closest but worth a trip when the mood takes us and there’s some cash floating around in Mum’s wallet.

This is a huge play centre, and a popular one, great for mother’s groups.

There’s heaps for the big kids to do…

And a great play space just for the littlies

There are many different ways to climb up….

.. and many way to come down too!

Plenty of space in the cafe

And a free mini-merry-go-round

You can take your coffee to the comfy seats

You can play basketball…

Wizzy World

Unit 9/372 Eastern Valley Way

Chatswood 2067

Phone: 9882 1444

Website: www.wizzyworld.com.au

Very large play centre with a unique feature, a sports area with mini soccer, netball and basketball. Large soft play area for the littlies. For children up to the age of 12 years.

Parking:  There are a few car spots right by the entrance to Wizzy World.  Otherwise you go down the ramp to the main parking where there are dedicated spots.  Then it’s best to walk out to Eastern Valley Way and round the side of the building there to the entrance.

See website for other details.

PS My twins are seven now and they still regularly demand a trip to Wizzy World and will play there for hours.


Where’s your favourite kids’ play centre in Sydney?


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Posted on: May 26, 2013


  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Gosh, I wish I was a kid again looking that th0se pics! There are two playcentres right in our area that I’ve never taken the kids to. You’ve just reminded me that it’s high time I did.

    • Reply December 15, 2011


      Hope the visit goes well. Sometimes play centres are just too crowded for comfort… and some of them are pretty pricey, we often go to Kidz Connexion as it’s cheap and cheerful… but the big ones can be tops too.

  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Thanks for reminding me of this place Seana – we had a great time there – lots of options for my bigger girls and for the littler ones. The only problem we had is that my daughter went down the slide too many times and got a sore bottom from the friction …note to self tights are better than skirts at these places!

  • Reply December 15, 2011


    Oh siting down. I love that too. It doesn’t happen often enough for my liking but when it does it is blissful 🙂

  • Reply December 15, 2011


    I love sitting down, and not at a keyboard, just sitting and watching the kids. Although I usually have to leap up at some point to stop CrashBoy really hurting himself. He’s pretty good as dusting himself off though and carrying on 😉

    • Reply December 15, 2011


      And now you know that I didn’t listen too you. I’m still up at bloody 11.30pm – aaargh.

      • Reply December 15, 2011


        Oh well, not to worry! I am reading this in a cab heading home at midnight. Early night tomorrow! It’s a daft time of year.

  • Reply December 16, 2011


    There are a coupe of places near me but I’ve not taken my kids. Ive always assumed my toddler might be. Bit young but then other 2-3 year olds go. I would need hubby’s help though since one of us will still need to. Watch the baby.

    • Reply December 16, 2011


      With baby and toddler… no sitting down for you for a while, definitely would be handy to have hubby to hand.

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