Wulaba Park Playground in Waterloo – A Fabulous Colourful Sydney Playground

Wulaba Park playground in Waterloo is an exciting and colourful place to visit with your family. Here’s all the information you need, this post is by Erin Sanderson who blogs at LivingEZ. 

Looking down at the playground

Wulaba Park Playground, Waterloo

Amelia Street near the corner of O’Dea Avenue, Waterloo

My little girl and I stopped by Wulaba Park one afternoon when we finished shopping at nearby Moore Park SupaCenter. She wanted to run around, and I wanted a break from corralling her through the shops.

Luckily, Wulaba Park is just across the M1, and down O’Dea Street. It offers plenty of space for kids to play in the field, a handball court, two table tennis tables, several BBQs and benches, along with a spectacularly colourful playground and giant tube slide.

We had seen the sensational slide photos on Instagram, and I looked forward to trying it out for ourselves. The vibrant play structures, nettings and slide are meant for older children (primary age and above).

Swings at Wulaba Park playground
Artist Nuha Saad worked alongside the landscape architect to create this vibrantly coloured playground.

I appreciated the thoughtfully designed tall steps that prevent younger children from climbing up to the slide area. Even so, pre-schoolers should be closely supervised since the park is encircled by a shared car zone and street parking.

My little one enjoyed climbing up the stairs, through tunnels, swinging, and running through the field. There are several netting areas to climb around the structure, as well as a huge netted swing, which can fit three-four children.

After exploring the tunnels and steps, we couldn’t resist summiting the tall tower together for a trip down the huge slide.


On a weekday during school term, the park remained quiet and peaceful, except for the loud construction from multiple nearby apartment sites. I imagine it fills up quickly on the weekends, and would be easier to navigate by bike since parking is extremely limited.


Toilets/Baby Change: Yes, there is one toilet facility with a baby change in the park.

Nearest Coffee: There are currently no cafes immediately accessible from the park, but several are located on adjacent roads. As the construction on apartments is completed, there will likely be more options.

Enclosed: The park is not enclosed, and there is a 10km/hr shared path encircling the park for parking access. So you need to keep an eye on kids and cars.

Shade: The area is still quite new, so the trees are small and don’t provide much shade. However, the tall apartment buildings do block the morning and afternoon sun.

Mum’s Report: It’s great for a visit before or after a shopping trip. The slide is the main attraction, but there are also tunnels and swings for younger children.

Extra: If you are inclined to bike, there are nice paths from Moore Park or along the Bourke St cycleway (turn on O’Dea for a dedicated bike lane) with lots of bike parking available at the park.

Parking:  Very limited and gets busy on streets around.

Nearest Station: Green Square

Bus Stop: Yes

Wulaba Park playground
Wulaba means ‘rock wallaby,’ Warereloo used to be a swampy area and many rock wallabies lived here.
Wulaba Park playground
Wulaba Park has landscaped picnic and barbecue area, bike racks, and handball and table tennis courts, as well as the amazing playground.

Wulaba Park Map

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Wulaba Park playground

This looks like an amazing playspace in Sydney’s inner city.

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