Club Med Bali – Body and Soul, Four Colors in Four Days: A Health + Wellness Retreat


 I’m reporting in from Body and Soul, Four Colors in Four Days, a health and wellness retreat here in beautiful Club Med Bali.


Look, it’s a tough job but somebody had to do it.


Green drinks

This event aims to boost the health and wellbeing of the visitors to Club Med through activities and extra-healthy foods, all based around four colours.

Yellow Day : Rejuvenation

Red day : Energy

Green day : Balance

Purple Day : Revitalization


So far we have enjoyed Green, Purple and Yellow days. There have been special activities for the kids, colourful drinks and foods which I’ve particularly enjoyed, and some marvellous mind-body classes run by two fitness professionals from Australia.

Check out the Purple day activities. C’Komo Club means the kids’ club, by the way.


Why Color?

‘Colours influence everything about us – our moods and emotions, and even our sense of well bring. They also play a significant role in the foods we eat. The colour of fruits and vegetables is no coincidence either – they are directly related to the main components in them which help the body in unique ways.’ Club Med

purple foods club med bali
Body and Soul special: Grilled chicken with blackcurrant and onion jam.
Lisa Westlake taking a Rainbow Relax and Release session, an amazing way to work on both your mind and your body.
The class used the huge rainbow balls, as part of both the physical and mental exercise and relaxation.
yellow drink
Yellow day started off with carrot and orange juice for myself and the twins, one of my favourite juices.
yellow meal
Never had a breakfast quite like this before! It involves mushrooms, kimch, papaya, a green tea cheesecake and orange basil jelly. I am LOVING the fantastic interational cuisines here.

Yellow foods

 I think the Yellow day must have worked for me because I found myself on a flying trapeze in the late afternoon!


Have been exploring my DSLR camera, here’s one of my first ever panorama shots

The twins and I are taking our reporters’ roles very seriously and are checking the whole joint out.  I’m planning to write several posts, really to share the sorts of info I need when I’m researching a family holiday.

Pavilions by the pool, with the famous flying trapeze behind


The main pool, with an aqua exercise class in action

Keep an eye out on special events and special deals at all the Club Meds on the Australian homepage.


What sorts of things would you like to know about Club Med Bali?

Just ask and I’ll do my best to answer.

And tell me, what’s the colour of your day today?




Myself, Rusty Rocket and Minnie The Minx are travelling as guests of Club Med.  I paid for one of the twins’ flights and various extras… yes, I will be getting to the spa at some stage….

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  1. says: Desire Empire

    Well it’s working you are making me want to jump on a plane today. I’ll be very interested in your kids club post.

    1. says: Seana

      It’s 8am here and this is our last full day here, and for the first time it’s sunny in the morning. No great desire to come home tomorrow I can assure you.

  2. says: Grace

    Oh! Sounds like you’re having an awesome time, Seana! Interesting to put a focus on colour for health and general well being but it totally makes sense really, doesn’t it? Can’t wait to hear all about the trapeze!!! x

    1. says: Seana

      Hi Grace, the twins had a fly around this morning, but more time on a bungee thinggy as the trapeze needed to dry. No rain today, thank goodness, and a break from the mini club too for them. Need to STOP taking photos and start sorting and working on them. See you on Wed.

  3. says: Becc

    Is that why you were so brown at DPCON13? I didn’t mention it when I met you, but you had a lovely glow 🙂
    Me? I think I’m having a yellow – rejuvenation day.

    1. says: Seana

      Yes we got a bit of sun. I need a yellow day today. About to get kids home and slowly potter, house is a bombsite. Tea needed!

  4. says: Sally

    At I thought you were having a beautiful relaxation holiday without kids.
    However glad to see you are there with them and enjoying some me time along the way.

    Can’t wait for the kids club post. An absolute must for my Mr4

  5. OMG, this looks amazing. I have never seen a health retreat where you can take the kids. This would be wonderful for someone like me! I’m a strong believer in the colour theory too. I was told when I was in hospital for one of my depressive episodes that purple was a healing colour. I try to wear it a lot, and it does make me feel better.

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