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  • Are you new to Sydney?
  • Or perhaps a Sydneysider who’s new to parenthood?
  • Are you keen to know all the best things to do and places to go with kids in Sydney?
  • Maybe you’re not sure where to get started?
  • Do you love to spend time outdoors and enjoy exploring?

You’re in the right place!

What people are saying about Hello Sydney Kids

I am just loving your blog. 

I have two boys (four & three) and live in South West Sydney and are always trying to think of things to do with them, it’s such a struggle to find appropriate activities.

But 10mins on your site, I’ve already come across a week’s worth of activities! Thank you so much!

Just to let you know that I love your site, and think it’s an invaluable source of information. Visited numerous parks on your recommendation, and appreciate all the hard work you do to provide the information!

The Story of Hello Sydney Kids

Seana Smith came to live in Sydney with her oldest son was just 18 months old. In her previous stay in Sydney, she had worked at Channel 9 and Channel 10 and she reckoned she knew the city well.


Living in Sydney with kids is 100% different to living here when you’re young, free and single.

So Seana set about learning all the great spots to visit with her wild child. This involved many disasters when they turned up to do walks and visit parks without much information about them.

sfuf cover002

She contacted Pan Macmillan to pitch a guide to Sydney for families and in 2001 Sydney For Under Fives was published.

Two more editions of Sydney For Under Fives followed.

Then in 2011, now with young twins as well as her two older boys, Seana decided to create a website. She had all the information from the book and photographs that she had been taking over many years.

Seana created the website Hello Sydney Kids, and continued to run around Sydney with her children, scribbling notes and taking photos. And that’s the website you see before you.

Hello Sydney Kids is now owned and managed by the Humphries family who started the Boobobutt website.

You can find Seana at her other websites.

Sober Journeys – find books about sobriety and great sober holidays.

Swim The World

Seana Smith, writer + author

More Lovely Reader Comments

I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation to go to Peats Bite!! 

It is the most wonderful place in Sydney!! 

I’m so glad your list of places didn’t just include the same old zoo, museums and boring parks! 

We went to Peats Bite yesterday for Father’s Day lunch and honestly we all woke up today feeling like we had been on a holiday!  It’s very very special. 

I look forward to more of your suggestions. 

Zenardia Anderberg

I rely on the internet a lot to figure out where to go, so I love all the lovely photos and details you put up on your site.Thanks for all your hard work.

Lily J.

I absolutely believe that family days out can be full of adventure and great experiences….  without spending a fortune.

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