Fun With the Kids: Activities To Do With Your Toddler This Winter

It’s the start of the rainy season, which means cosy sweaters, gumboots, and the perfect time to start new routines. As parents to inquisitive toddlers, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the monotony of everyday life (especially when you have never-ending piles of laundry to attend to), sticking to familiar playground visits and indoor playdates. 

Why not switch things up this year? As the clouds begin to change and the air turns crisp, let’s sprinkle a bit of adventure into our routine. Here are 6 fantastic activities to get you started.


1. Play Dress Up

Kick off winter with a dash of magic. All you have to do is plunge into your dress-up box, or poke around in the back of your closet for some whimsical ensembles. Be it an Elsa from Frozen making it snow with a little finger flare, or a courageous superhero who will save the day with her superhuman strength before dinner, the only limit is your imagination.

For that extra touch of enchantment, consider setting up a cosy corner with a dressing table stool set from Baby Bunting, and earn Qantas Points when you shop through Qantas Shopping. With their own mini vanity, your child can transform into any character they desire, making every dress-up session a magical adventure. So, don those capes, crowns and tiaras and get ready for some make-believe!

2. Winter Gardening Adventures

Lucky enough to have a veggie patch in your garden? Then there’s no excuse not to take advantage of the ultimate winter experience: planting winter crops. After all, this is the time of the year that’s perfect for cooking at home with the family, so why not grow your own carrots, potatoes, and other seasonal delights to whip up some fully homemade stews and soups?

Once you’ve got your harvest, it’s time to whip up a plethora of different dishes with your child, from pumpkin bread to beet salads. Make it a collaborative experience, and share your first memories with your toddler in the kitchen.

3. Smudge Painting

Another super fun activity to take part in with your toddler is smudge painting. It’s like finger painting, but with a twist — instead of just using your fingers, use brushes to blend colours and get even cooler effects. All you need for this is some paint, a couple of brushes, a thick sheet of paper, and plenty of newspaper to set down around you!

It’ll be like a DIY art party, in the comfort of your living room or nursery. Watch their little eyes light up as they drag their fingers over the palette before dipping them into the paint. They’ll feel like young magicians as they blend colours and bring the paper to life.

As you paint away, you’ll also be taking part in the joint adventure of creating something from scratch. Teach your little Picasso to experiment with new ideas and techniques, and don’t worry about getting a little messy — after all, art is all about embracing the chaos.

4. DIY Nature Crafts

Scratch the itch to create as you and your little explorer work your way through the great outdoors, picking up treasures such as fallen leaves, flowers and interesting twigs to make your own inventive creations from, such as Harry Potter wands. It’s as simple as heading to your local park, or even searching your own backyard for treasures that can be used for crafting on a rainy day.

Construct delicate leaf art, build playful flower crowns, or rural twig picture frames. With minimal crafting resources and a dash of creativity, you and your little one will be able to turn Mother Nature’s gifts into stunning works of art.

5. Backyard Campfire and S’mores 

Warm and gooey s’mores on a crisp winter’s day: name something cosier.

This season, indulge in the perfect backyard pleasure: a comfortable campfire and copious amounts of chocolate, marshmallows and biscuits. Picture this: you and your toddler relaxing by the fire pit, bathed in brilliant orange light from the flickering flames with the scent of bonfire smoke wafting into the sky. You can create a truly magical moment that will leave you wanting s’more (sorry). 

Camping in your backyard is also a wonderful time to share stories, sing campfire songs and bask in the serenity of your very own home.Pull out your cosiest blankets, gather round the fire, and get ready for an evening of enjoyment, laughter, and plenty of sweet treats. 

6. Bushwalk and Wildlife Spotting 

Lastly, welcome winter in true Aussie style by planning a kid-friendly bush walk and wildlife spotting adventure! Pick a family-friendly trail through a nearby national park or nature reserve and get ready to delve into the bush.

Wind your way along the trails and spot native wildlife such as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and colourful birds. With a pair of binoculars and a field guide in hand, you can spot a range of different species and learn about Australia’s unique flora and fauna. It’s a chance for you and your child to withdraw from the daily grind and focus on one another, all while reconnecting with nature. 


So there you have it — 6 fun activities to do with your toddler this winter. Whether you love to play pretend, plan an off-the-grid trip to the pumpkin patch, or simply want to enjoy some toasted backyard S’mores on a chilly evening, the pumpkin-spiced season is filled with magical and colourful ways to have fun for all ages. 

So, grab your little one’s hand, step outside, and let the winter adventures begin! 

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