Flip Out Trampoline Centres in Sydney

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Have you been to a Flip Out centre with your kids?

Our local one is at Brookvale here on the Northern Beaches in Sydney. I went there one day with my big camera and tripod and took some slow shutter speed photos.

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Each Flip Out is a bit different, so have a look at the website to see how your local one looks. There are 36 centres altogether, including 23 in NSW.

Click here for Flip Out locations.

We’ve had mixed luck at our local one. We’ve tried and failed to book in then gone down to find it was just too busy and we couldn’t get in.  We’ve also gone to parties and the kids have had a great time.

Myself, I like the jumping but the noise can do my head in.


My advice?

Call ahead to check whether you can book (there’s a booking option on the website but it only covers a few of the Flip Out centres.)

Check the current costs as well – not all of the centres list prices on the website.

I’d also ask when are quieter times.

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Flip Out Trampoline Sydney

Trampolining is totally exhausting, a real adrenaline buzz. It can be fairly hazardous too. Pay attention to the safety rules above!

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Have you flipped out?

How was it for you? And the kids?



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Posted on: June 11, 2015