Babies and Toddlers in Sydney: Things To Do And Where To Go

Welcome to Hello Sydney Kids.  If you are a visitor to the city, then welcome to Sydney as well.

And if you are reading this book as a new or expectant mum or dad then an even bigger welcome to parenthood.

Have you any idea what you are letting yourself in for?

Hello Sydney Kids is not about feeding babies, taming toddlers or making your preschooler a junior genius. It is just about having fun with your kids.

It’s here to answer all the questions you might have like, such as:

  • where to take a 2 year old in Sydney
  • the best things to do in Sydney with a baby
  • free activities for toddlers in Sydney
  • newborn friendly outings
  • indoor activities for babies and toddlers in Sydney

There is so much to enjoy with your babies and toddlers in this city: Sydney is, in short, tot-tastic.

If you have lived in Sydney all your life, you may think you know the city and your particular area very well.

But most new parents find they have to rediscover their own city, learning about all sorts of things that were never noticed or needed before a little person came into their lives.

For brand new parents, the search begins with looking for good baby change facilities, for cafes where the men’s toilets might have a change table and for somewhere, anywhere, that it is easy to go with a pram!

Breastfeeding mums quickly learn where they are welcome, and where they are objects of amazement.

New parents must quickly find which pavements and paths leave the stroller and contents all shaken and stirred. Which beaches have the shadiest spots. Which train stations are simply too difficult to use.

Then baby starts to crawl, toddle, walk and run. With each new stage of development, parents need to keep one step ahead, making sure that there is plenty to keep the child amused and entertained, not to mention safe.

So, which playgrounds have nice gentle slides for the littlies? Which have a good area of rubber flooring suitable for those eager crawlers?

50 Best playgrounds pin

Where can we have a long walk with the stroller?

What will we do when it rains? And then, when the child speeds up, where is a more challenging playground to really stretch the little scamp? And, can I get a take-away coffee from a kiosk there?

Which swimming pools offer lessons? Which beaches are best for learner swimmers? Where is a safe, enclosed play area from which even the most active and enterprising child cannot escape onto a road?

Where will the mini Mad Max be welcome as a diner?

You’ll find the answers to your questions here on Hello Sydney Kids.

Check out these posts below to find hundreds of fantastic ideas for fun places to visit in Sydney with your baby or toddler in tow.

Sydney’s Best Swimming Pools

The best pools for babies and toddlers. Pools are wonderful places to take little kids, especially when it’s raining, we found. One of the best indoor activities for kids in Sydney.

Baby and Child-friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Sydney

A list of all the best cafes and restaurants we have found which are great for families.  There’s a map on this post which helps you find great cafes for kids near you.

Top 10 Cafes Beside Playgrounds

Essential reading for parents of toddlers in Sydney.  Playgrounds are one of the best things to do with toddlers as they are FREE and they get the kids running around and wearing themselves out… so they will sleep… but we parents need a coffee and a sit down sometimes too.

Best Beaches for Babies

Find the beaches with shade that work best for babies and toddlers. Many also have a playground alongside, so you can really make a day of it.

Great Sydney Beaches for Kids

A full list of all the beaches mentioned on this website, great for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, school aged kids and teenagers too.

Baby and Child-Friendly Cinemas

A lovely Sydney activity with babies and toddlers is to go to one of the family friendly screenings at a cinema or to find a ‘baby crying room’ near you. This post shows you where they all are.

Sydney Day Trips

Pack up the kids and escape for the day. These detailed posts show you where to go to for a family day trip, with lots of details to help you plan your trip.

Sydney Indoor Play Centres

These can be crowded and noisy places, but they work well for meeting friends and also are a great indoor activity for wet weather and for very hot days.

Sydney’s Best Playgrounds

The definitive list of more than 50 of the very best playgrounds in Sydney. Fantastic free outdoor activity in Sydney and surrounds.

Sydney’s Best Family-Friendly Bush and Beach Walks

With babies and toddlers, you need the pram-friendly walks, of which there are many here. This is the full list of all the walks on the website, to be referred to often as the children grow up.

Northern suburbs cafes (2) copy

And if you’re in need of a family holiday, check out these posts

25+ Family-Friendly Weekends Away From Sydney

Family Holidays in Fiji Guide

Bales Park
Bales Park playground in Chatswood, what could go wrong?

So this is just a basic introduction to Sydney with babies and toddlers.

Hope you’ll find some great places and enjoy your expeditions with the wee ones.

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    Hi, the link for the Top 10 Stroller Walks doesn’t seem to be functioning, are you able to provide an alternative way of viewing that information? Thanks

    1. says: Seana Smith

      Hello Alice, so sorry that ebook will be updated and available again soon. In the meantime, if you type ‘stroller’ into the main search box, you will find several of the walks described.

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