DIY Halloween Costumes for 2023: 90 Unique Positive Ideas

Get the cheap, affordable and easy peasy DIY Halloween Costumes idea !

Boo! It’s that time of year again when the leaves are falling, the air is crisp, and the spooktacular season of Halloween is just around the corner. While some folks might be busy brewing potions or perfecting their pumpkin carving skills, others are grappling with the age-old question: “What on earth am I going to wear this Halloween?” Fear not, my fellow Halloween enthusiasts, for we’ve got you covered! In this eerie-sistible blog post, we’re diving into the world of DIY Halloween costumes for 2023, where creativity knows no bounds and your imagination is the only limit.

Don’t get me wrong – store-bought costumes are a convenient option, but there’s something truly magical about conjuring up your own costume from scratch. It’s a chance to let your inner mad scientist run wild, blend a little DIY magic, and brew up a potion of Halloween enchantment that’s as unique as you are. Whether you’re aiming to be the creepiest creature lurking in the shadows, the funniest ghoul at the party, or to embrace the spirit of Halloween in style, we’ve got a cauldron full of costume ideas that will leave your friends spellbound.

So, if you’re ready to take off the journey of crafting, creativity, and costume madness, grab your broomstick (or your crafting supplies) and let’s dive into some spooktastic, playful, and downright fun DIY Halloween costumes for 2023! It’s time to leave the ordinary behind and step into a world where the only thing scarier than your costume is how much fun you’ll have creating it. Let’s get our eerie on!


Top 90 Best DIY Halloween Customs for 2023

  1. Safari Explorers: Equip everyone with khakis, binoculars, and safari hats. Throw in some animal print to represent the wildlife, or even dress someone up as a lion or a zebra.
  2. Bubble Bath Costume: Wear a white outfit and attach white balloons all over. Craft a shower cap from clear plastic and a rubber ducky on your shoulder.
  3. Stick Figure: Wear all white. Attach black electrical tape to mimic a stick figure. Use a white paper plate with a smiley face for your face.
  4. S’mores Family: One wears brown (chocolate), another in white (marshmallow), and another in tan (graham cracker). Attach felt or cardboard pieces for added effect.
  5. Cactus: Wear a green outfit and attach white yarn pieces sporadically to mimic the thorns. A flower headband adds a nice touch.
  6. Raining Cats and Dogs: Wear a blue outfit and attach small stuffed animal cats and dogs. Carry an umbrella. An easy peasy DIY Halloween Costumes.
  7. French Kiss: Dress as a mime or wear a beret and stripe shirt, then put on KISS makeup.
  8. Bread Winner: Wear a medal and carry a loaf of bread.
  9. Zombie Tourist: Wear a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, sandals, and add zombie makeup.
  10. Gumball Machine: Attach multi-colored pompoms to a white shirt, and craft a ’25 cents’ sign.
90 best diy halloween ideas kids

Affordable DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Young Kids

  1. Avocado Toast: Wear brown or green. Attach felt pieces to mimic avocado slices and craft a ‘toast’ hat.
  2. Bag of Jelly Beans: Fill a clear plastic bag with colorful balloons and wear it around your body.
  3. Grapes: Attach purple balloons to a purple outfit, and wear a green hat.
  4. Spice Girls: Group of girls wearing aprons and nametags of different spices like “Paprika”, “Cinnamon”, etc.
  5. Scarecrow: Wear denim, add straw and a flannel shirt. Paint face with a cute scarecrow design.
  6. Static Cling: Wear any outfit and attach socks, underwear, and dryer sheets to your clothes.
  7. Mummy: Wrap yourself in white bandages or toilet paper. Hahah! this one does sounds funny, but you can get this DIY Halloween Costumes for a much much affordable cost.
  8. Ghost: Classic white sheet with eye holes — remember your old white plain bedsheet yes those were meant to be the DIY Halloween Costumes.
  9. Ceiling Fan: Wear a shirt that says “Go Ceilings!” and carry pom-poms.
  10. French Press: Wear all black, glue a coffee cup lid to a beret, and carry a French press.
Affordable DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Young Kids

Last Minute Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids

  1. Spaghetti and Meatballs: Wear a white shirt, attach yarn (spaghetti) and brown pompoms (meatballs). Top with a colander hat.
  2. Uno Card: Craft a large cardboard piece into an Uno card design.
  3. Solar System: Wear black and attach painted Styrofoam balls representing the planets.
  4. Bob Ross and Painting: One dresses as Bob Ross, the other as a canvas with a painted scene.
  5. “When Life Gives You Lemons”: Wear a “Life” name tag and pass out lemons. Sound silly, but this works as the best DIY Halloween Costumes!
  6. Deer in the Headlights: Wear deer makeup and antlers. Attach two headlamps around your waist.
  7. Bloody Mary: Wear a sash that says ‘Mary’, add some scary makeup, and carry a Bloody Mary drink.
  8. Human Disco Ball: Wear all silver and attach mirrored pieces or sequins.
  9. Taco Belle: Wear a taco costume and add a tiara and tutu.
  10. Lumberjack: Flannel shirt, jeans, suspenders, and a fake axe. If you have a beard or can craft one from cotton or faux fur, even better! Don’t forget a woollen beanie.
Last Minute Easy Easy DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas for Kids

Last minute Home Made DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

  1. Starbucks Family Costume: What do you want? This one is served by two adult baristas and contains a Frappuccino, a coffee, a box of milk, and a cake pop. You simply need a little jolt to get things moving, that’s all!
  2. Disney Villains Family Costume: It’s Halloween, which means it’s time for the baddies to shine! This family includes Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and the Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts.
  3. Spider-Verse Family Costume: There are so many Spideys in the Spider-Verse that each member of your family can choose a different one and not repeat. Of course, there’s Miles Morales, Ghost Spider, and Peter Parker. If there’s a baby involved, you can have someone play Peter B. Parker, who is carrying his daughter, Mayday, in a baby carrier. Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman is an excellent choice for anyone searching for a maternity costume, and you can make a quick, DIY Spider Punk by adding a studded vest and spiked cuffs to a conventional Spider-Man outfit. When you’re finished, recreate the Spider-Man pointing meme.
  4. The Addams Family Costume: Fans of Wednesday will want to wear this Addams Family costume as soon as possible, so brush up on your pigtail-braiding techniques. A spooky nice touch is the hand on Gomez’s shoulder.
  5. Space Family Costume: If you don’t want to go with the NASA version of an astronaut for Halloween, you can always draw your cues from this retro-futuristic space family. Astronauts are usually popular Halloween costumes with space-loving kids. Note: There is a lot of spray paint used in this project.
  6. Greek Gods: Family members can choose their favourite deity. Think Zeus with a lightning bolt, Athena with a shield, Apollo with a lyre, or Aphrodite with a rose.
  7. Board Game Night: Choose classics like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Candy Land. For Monopoly, someone can be the banker, others can be game pieces or properties, and don’t forget those “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards!
  8. Farmyard Fun: Dress up as different farm animals. Chickens, cows, pigs, and a farmer with overalls and a pitchfork.
  9. Rainbow and Clouds: One person dressed as a colourful rainbow while others dress as fluffy white clouds. If you have a little one, they can be a cute raindrop!
  10. Camping Family: Someone can be a camper, another as a campfire with orange, yellow, and red tissue paper flames, someone as a marshmallow or s’more, and another as a tent.
Last minute Home Made DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls and Boys

  1. Royal Family: Kings, queens, princes, princesses, and maybe even a little dragon or knight in shining armour.
  2. Safari Crew: Have explorers, various wild animals, and even someone as a jeep!
  3. Insects and the Exterminator: Butterflies, bees, ladybugs, and have one person in a jumpsuit as the “exterminator.”
  4. Tea Party: Someone dresses up as a teapot, another as a tea cup, a plate of cookies or scones, and perhaps someone as a sugar cube or lemon slice.
  5. The Elements: Fire, water, earth, and air. This one’s great for a family of four.
  6. Traffic Lights and Cars: One person dressed as a traffic light with red, yellow, and green circles, while others dress up as cars or even pedestrians.
  7. Beach Day: One person can be a sun, another a palm tree, someone as a beach ball, and another as a surfer.
  8. The Seasons: Spring with flowers, summer with sun and shades, fall with leaves, and winter with snowflakes and scarves.
  9. Doctors and Patients: A fun way to dress up, especially if someone has a toy doctor kit. Patients can wear pyjamas and have faux bandages or thermometers.
  10. Hungry, Hungry Hippos Family Costume: When you have a baby at home, sometimes they just behave constantly like a ravenous hippo. Go with it and dress like the traditional board game, complete with hippo caps and monotone outfits.
Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Girls and Boys

Easy Costume with Normal Clothes DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas Family Costume:Now it’s Halloween! In addition to Jack Skellington and Sally, this family can have a Halloween Town mayor; and if you need more characters, consider adding others ( Lock, Shock and Barrel)
  2. Plant Family Costume: Create a blooming good time this Halloween with a DIY Plant Family Costume ensemble. Dress one member as a radiant sunflower, another as a sturdy oak tree, and the youngest as a precious little seedling. Add a busy bee pollinator and a gardener extraordinaire to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a botanical masterpiece. Don’t forget your furry friend, who can join as a petal pet. Accessorise with floral accents, face paint, and nature-inspired jewellery for the finishing touch. These creative costumes not only celebrate the beauty of the natural world but also promise memorable Halloween photos amidst the garden backdrop. Get ready to have a rootin’, tootin’ green extravaganza!
  3. Trolls’ Family Costume: With “Trolls Band Together” releasing soon, rekindle the love for Poppy and the gang. This family theme can include characters like Poppy, Queen Barb, Biggie, and Tiny Diamond. But remember, there’s a Troll for every personality!
  4. A League of Their Own Family Costume: Batter up! Dress up in the iconic Rockford Peach uniform. You can accessorise with baseball mitts, bats, and caps. Just hope you don’t get traded to the Racine Belles.
  5. Pinocchio Family Costume: When you wish upon a star, your Halloween costume dreams come true. Dive into the world of Geppetto, Pinocchio, the Blue Fairy, and Jiminy Cricket. And for an added twist, consider donkey ears to hint at Pinocchio’s misadventures.
  6. Wizard School Family: Inspired by the world of Harry Potter, family members can choose their favourite house colours, wear robes, carry wands, and maybe even have an owl or a cat as a pet accessory.
  7. Mad Scientist Family: Lab coats, crazy wigs, goggles, and props like beakers filled with coloured liquids (use water with food colouring) will make your family look like they’ve just stepped out of a wacky lab.
  8. Lost in Space: Dress as astronauts, aliens, or even celestial bodies like stars, moons, and planets. Tin foil, glitter, and LED lights can enhance the cosmic vibe.
  9. Caveman Family: Using faux fur and leopard print fabric, the family can dress up as prehistoric cave dwellers, complete with clubs and bone accessories.
  10. Picnic Party: One can dress as a picnic basket, others as different food items like sandwiches, fruits, and drinks, and perhaps a little one as an ant!
Easy Costume with Normal Clothes DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Historical Figures: Choose a time period and have each family member dress as a notable figure from that era, such as the Renaissance, Ancient Egypt, or the Roaring Twenties.
  2. Jungle Book Family: Dive into the world of Mowgli, Baloo, Bagheera, and the fierce Shere Khan. Perfect for families who love the classic tale.
  3. Beach Bums: From the sun and sand to the waves and seashells, turn your family into a sunny beach day. Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  4. Night at the Museum: Transform into historical figures, dinosaurs, and works of art that come to life after dark, inspired by the movie.
  5.  Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory CostumeWilly Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Family Costume: Choose characters from Roald Dahl’s novel to immerse yourself in the fanciful world of confectionery. Dress up as Willy Wonka, Violet Beauregard, Mike TV, Veruca Salt, or an Oompa Loompa from the 1971 film adaption.
  6. Strawberry Banana Family Costume: For a delightful “Mommy & Me” duo, go fruity! Simple and perfect for a daycare or class party, parents and kids can dress up as these favourite fruits.
  7. Ice Ice Baby Family Costume: Revel in the punny magic inspired by Vanilla Ice’s 1990 hit rap song. Ideal for a family trio, you can go as two ice cubes and a baby. Simple, yet unforgettable!
  8. School Supplies Family Costume: Ditch the mainstream choices for something unique. Turn your family into a pack of school supplies: a pencil, a sheet of loose-leaf paper, an eraser, or even a sharpener!
  9. Baby Shark Family Costume: Dive into the viral sensation! While the song might play on repeat at home, you can embrace the catchy tune by dressing up as Daddy Shark, Mommy Shark, and Baby Shark. Bonus if your costume can play the tune!
  10. A Woodland Walk Family Costume: Delve into the beauty of nature with these thematic accessories. You can hire the costumes from different stores and enjoy your spooky halloween.
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers 2

Cheap DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Under 12 years

  1. The Mushroom Cap: Use white felt circles glued onto a beret.
  2. The Bird’s Nest: Adorn a headband with tree branches and tuck in a faux mini bird’s nest.
  3. The Bug Eyes: Bubble wrap stamped with green paint on old sunglass lenses creates an eerie bug-eyed effect. Embellish frames with googly eyes, pom-poms, and other decorative items.
  4. Star Wars Family Costume: Channel the force from the vast Star Wars universe. With a plethora of characters, your family can pick from Jedis, Siths, droids, and various iconic characters from the series.
  5. Rock Band Family Costume: Ready to take centre stage? Don the punk-inspired outfits, grab some fake instruments, and let your family’s rockstar attitude shine through. Whether you choose iconic bands like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, or a generic rock band, it’s all about the vibes.
  6. The Breakfast Club Family: Instead of the movie characters, think of breakfast foods! One can be toast, another an egg, someone can be a strip of bacon, and perhaps another a carton of orange juice.
  7. Medieval Times Family Costume: Embrace the Middle Ages! Knights, princesses, dragons, and jesters. Throw in a sword, a crown, or a cape, and you’re set for a royal Halloween.
  8. Emoji Family: Express your feelings through costumes. Each member can pick their favourite emoji, whether it’s the laughing, heart eyes, or even the dancing lady.
  9. Circus Family: Step right up! Dress as a ringmaster, tightrope walker, clown, and even a lion or elephant. Let the spectacular circus night begin!
  10. Dinosaurs Family: Travel back in time. From the fierce T-Rex and the tall Brachiosaurus to the swift Velociraptors, there’s a dinosaur for every family member.
DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddlers 1 1

Quick Fix DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

  1. Fairies and Elves: Bring the magical world to life. While kids can be charming fairies with wings and wands, adults can don the elvish capes and pointed hats.
  2. Pirate Crew: Ahoy, matey! Set sail on Halloween night as a crew of pirates. Captains, sailors, and even a parrot for added fun.
  3. Desserts Family Costume: Embrace the sweetness with this delightful theme. Transform into your favourite treats like cupcakes, donuts, or a slice of pie. Utilise safety pins and hot glue to attach coloured fabric, cotton (for whipped cream), or even felt cutouts (for sprinkles or fruit toppings). A cherry hat could be the cherry on top!
  4. Game of Thrones’ Family Costume: Step into the fantasy world of Westeros. From the brave Arya Stark, regal Daenerys, to the stoic Jon Snow, there’s a character for every family member. And remember, winter is coming!
  5. Toy Story Family Costume: Dive into Andy’s toy chest and become one of the iconic Toy Story characters. Woody’s hat, Buzz’s spacesuit, and Jessie’s cowgirl outfit are classics. But don’t forget the newer faces like Forky with his googly eyes or Ducky and Bunny with their plushy cuteness.
  6. Pokémon Family Costume: Ready for a Pokémon battle? Start with Ash and his trusty sidekick Pikachu. Expand with the numerous Pokémon like Charizard, Jigglypuff, or even Squirtle. A Pokéball accessory is a must!
  7. X-Men Family Costume: Suit up as the mutants fighting for a world that fears them. Wolverine’s claws, Storm’s white hair, Mystique’s blue scales, or Phoenix’s fiery aura – pick your favourite and show off those mutant powers.
  8. Little Red Riding Hood Family Costume: Venture into the woods with this classic fairy tale. Little Red can carry her basket full of candy, while Granny and the Big Bad Wolf follow suit. Perfect for a tale of adventure on Halloween night.
  9. Super Boys Family Costume: Because every kid has a superhero inside of them! Let them don their capes, masks, and boots. Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or any of their favourite heroes. And as for Mom? She shines as Superwoman, demonstrating that moms truly are the real-life superheroes.
  10. Out of this World Family: Think aliens, astronauts, and space explorers. Glittery outfits, antennas, and maybe even a UFO for the littlest member. This theme is out-of-this-world fun!
  11. Classic Monsters: Channel the vibes of an old horror film. Think Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and the Werewolf. Perfect for families who want a traditional Halloween feel with a vintage twist.
Quick Fix DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

There you have it, 90 unique DIY Halloween costume ideas. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless! Remember, costumes are all about fun and creativity. Whichever theme you opt for, the key is to add your unique touch and enjoy the transformation process. Happy Halloween! The fun of DIY Halloween costumes is that they allow for creativity and personal touches. Whether you’re crafting alone, with friends, or involving the whole family, these ideas offer a great starting point. Now, let your imagination run wild and have a ghoulishly delightful Halloween!

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