Ring in the Festive Season with Santa: Telstra’s Heartwarming Hello Christmas for Kids!

As the holiday spirit sweeps across Australia, Telstra embraces the season’s magic with its heartwarming campaign, “Hello Christmas.” Building on the cherished tradition of connecting kids with Santa, Telstra introduces the return of their Free Calls to Santa hotline, spreading joy from coast to coast.

Telstra free calls santa child 2024

When does the Hello Christmas for Kids begin?

From November 15th through December 24th, Aussie kids of all ages can dial #HO HO HO (#46 46 46) from any of Telstra’s 14,500 payphones nationwide to connect directly with the North Pole. But this year, the experience is not just about listing wishes; it’s about creating an interactive journey with Santa himself. Children can get into enchanting conversations, learn about North Pole weather or discover the reindeer’s favourite snacks before their Christmas Eve adventure.

Telstra’s initiative isn’t merely about holiday cheer; it’s a way to strengthen connection and education. Despite the holiday rush, these payphones offer a stress-free alternative to the crowded shopping centres, allowing families to reach Santa conveniently and cost-free. Moreover, it’s an opportunity for kids to familiarise themselves with these payphones, learning their location and functionality—a handy skill in emergencies.

Telstra free calls santa payphone

Stress Free Connection: What Makes It Work

The campaign extends beyond just facilitating calls to Santa; it’s a testament to Telstra’s commitment to community support. Since August 2021, when Telstra made all standard national and mobile calls from payphones accessible, usage has more than doubled. Over 23 million free payphone calls have been made in the 12 months leading up to June 2023, including over 250,000 to emergency services like Triple Zero.

But “Hello Christmas” isn’t just about calls to Santa—it’s a touching story of Dasher, the reindeer’s adventure through regional Australia. Lost and separated from Santa, Dasher encounters local friends, resonating with the festive spirit in every corner of the country. The heartwarming tale follows Dasher’s journey, ultimately leading to a heartwarming reunion, all made possible by a little girl’s call from one of Telstra’s special, festive payphones.

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Story Behind the Hello Christmas Connection 

This uniquely Australian story, crafted by The Monkeys and directed by Glendyn Ivin, captures the season’s essence. Accompanied by the soulful tunes of Queensland band Zefereli’s “Oh Christmas” from 2016, the campaign encapsulates the warmth and joy of the Aussie festive spirit.

Telstra’s “Hello Christmas” campaign isn’t just about connecting kids to Santa—it’s about weaving a narrative of togetherness, support, and the enchantment of the holiday season. It’s about connections and creating moments that bring joy to young and old hearts across this beautiful land.

As the boots are polished, the bells start jingling, and the big red suit hangs freshly washed, Telstra invites every Aussie to embrace the magic of the season and join in on this heartwarming journey—because, in the end, it’s the connections we make that truly define the spirit of Christmas.

You can find your closest payphone by using our payphone finder on Telstra.com or Google Maps. You can even use our map below for an interactive experience. Dial #HO HO HO (#46 46 46) and make sure you’re ready with a few questions for Santa, and to tell him what’s on your wish list!  

Santa’s elves have also helped us liven up a special selection of payphones. Use our festive payphone Google Map to see where your closest one is.

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