Kids World Playland Bankstown: Sydney’s Best Indoor Playgrounds

Kids World Playland and Cafe worked so well for my daughters. Here’s what my eldest said: “Kids World Playland is fun for all ages, including me at 10 years old. We had a great time in there. My favourite area was the bouncing giant slide. We also played imaginative games, we pretended that we were warriors under the sea because there is an ocean and jungle theme”.

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My daughters were so excited! They couldn’t wait to try all the areas.

Do you have active kids? My three daughters have been good climbers since they were little. And, although they love role playing and creative play, sometimes the best thing is to take them out for the day, or the morning, so they can burn off some energy.

As well as Kids World Playland Bankstown, you can also find one in Macquarie Shopping Centre and another one in Stockland Green Hills Mall, in East Mainland.


Kids World Playland Bankstown

Unit 3 / 1618 Canterbury Road, Punchbowl NSW 2196

Phone number: 02 9709 8946


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By Mireia Garriga Seguranyes

We visited Kids World Playland Bankstown on Sunday morning. My first thoughts were that it might be madness, but it was not overcrowded even though there was a big birthday party happening.

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Although I am far from becoming obsessed with cleaning, I must admit that I have been unusually alert since we we are living in a different world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To my relief, the indoor playground was very spacious, spotless, clean and organised. And the toilets were checked/cleaned every hour. I particularly liked the recycle corner with its bright and colourful poster which requests customers to recycle.

Kids World has different play areas, awesome multi level indoor climbing structures, slides, tunnels, trampolines, cannon ball battle zone, and a massive inflatable bouncing slide. So kids cannot get bored with such a big offer! Parents are not forgotten, too. They can even relax on one of the coin operated massage armchairs.

The play areas include a designated toddler area (0-4 years) and an over 5’s zone (5-11 years), which means kids can play and interact with other kids and activities of the same age range.

The 0 – 4 Years Play Area 

The 0 to 4 years old area is very colourful and fully enclosed. The floor is covered with soft matts, so kids can have a safe experience. For the toddlers, there is a little see-saw, climbing frame, spinning tea pots, inflatable boat, cubby house and construction blogs. Children that are older can enjoy a small fort with three levels and a variety of obstacles. The coolest element is the slide that goes from level 3 to level 2. 

kids world playland and cafe bankstown little kids area

Adults are allowed to enter into the area to assist the little ones, which is great. I still remember those days where my younger daughters might feel frustrated or had a tantrum because they couldn’t follow my eldest. Time flies!

The 5 – 11 Years Play Area 

The fort play structure for 5-11 year old kids is huge. It comprises three levels, with a variety of areas to discover, including a soft ball shooting / battle area. I thought that it was so cool. I felt embarrassed to play battles with my daughters but I must try next time.

Kids World playland bankstown 8

The fort is quite tall. The circular spy tower has a tube type slide, which was my 6 year old’s favourite. And, at the bottom level, there are two bouncing matts. Corners are cushioned, so it is very safe. Miss 10 year old got the adrenaline going. 

Adults are also allowed in this area, which is good, too. Miss 6 years old has always had a bit of separation anxiety  and can still feel scared or overwhelmed about whether there are too many children that they are older than her. Knowing that I can go to the rescue of my youngest gives me peace of mind.

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The Bouncing Giant Slide for Kids Aged 3 – 11 years

My daughters loved the giant slide. They had so much fun! I would say that it is the star of the Kids World Play Bankstown’s equipment as not only my daughters spent lots of time going down the slide, but also I saw lots of children returning to it after playing in the other areas.

Tip: dress your kids with long sleeves and pants to avoid annoying burns, specially if they are a bit wild (like mine) or have sensitive skin.

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The Gourmet Cafe

The Gourmet Cafe serves all the usual yummy treats but also kids packs (‘Kids Krunch Meals’), including a healthy menu which offers gourmet wraps, toasted melts, tripple stacked sandwiches and fresh salads. The menu also offers classic meals such as burgers, pizzas (including gluten free), fairy bread, hot chips, wedges and nachos. Milkshakes, smoothies and ice-creams are also available, as well as juices and sodas. 

My daughters really loved the package of chicken nuggets, chips and juice. The chicken nuggets were very crispy and wonderful, according to Miss 8 year old who is a declared fussy eater. 

Kids World playland bankstown 14

I had a triple layered chicken salad sandwich and soy latte, which was also delicious.

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Some useful information

Before you decide to go, you might like to bring grip free socks. If you forget, don’t worry, you can buy a pair there. Also, take into account that you cannot bring your own food or drinks. The only exception is bottled water and nut-free baby puree (no solid food).

Kids World Playland Bankstown doesn’t offer Drop and Shop option for children aged 5 – 11 years like the Macquarie Centre venue. So, one supervising adult (18 years and over) must be in the centre at all times. And, like other venues which offer indoor attractions, children with damaged/broken limbs are not permitted to play.

Also, if you want to save some money, do you know that the entry ticket is cheaper during school days?

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Kids World Playland Details 

Access: Same shopping complex as Officeworks. As Canterbury Road can be quite busy, look for Officeworks in order not to miss the turn. Turn into the carpark when you see Officeworks. Kids World Playland is down the back of the complex. 

Opening days and hours: 

Monday – Friday 10am – 4.00pm

Saturday & Sunday  10.00am – 5.00pm

Toilets: Yes, including accessible toilets and two baby change rooms.

Cafe in the premises: Yes.

Playground: Yes, two play spaces + huge inflatable slide.

Spacious: Yes.

Train stop nearby: Punchbowl Train Station is a 25 minutes walk away. However, you can take the 487 or 945 bus from the station, it stops nearby the entrance of the shopping precinct. 

Bus stop nearby: 487 and 945 bus lines

Car park: Plenty.

Mum’s report: Kids World Play Bankstown ticks all the boxes. Do look no further. If you live in Western Sydney, it is the perfect place to spoil your kids or host a birthday party. It is easy to park, the customer service is excellent, it is clean, and the food was yummy. And, of course, the play areas for the children are fantastic!

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Birthday parties and parties

Kids World has an extensive offer of birthday party packages which suit all budgets. Also, the venue offers different options (from self cater to fully catered, private hires within and outside of normal trading hours) to celebrate sports break up, end of term parties or even private functions. Also, you can choose one of their birthday party themes or build your own option.

Loyalty program

Kids World loyalty program is free to join. To become a member click here or fill out a form in-store to receive your personalised membership card.


Other Fun Places Near Kids World Play Bankstown:

There is the Auburn Botanic Gardens. If you don’t feel staying indoors, the gardens are also a very good option.  

Also, Fairfield Adventure Park is one of the best playgrounds in Western Sydney. If you prefer outdoor spaces, this is the playground to go, specially if you have older children. 

Definitively, Kids World Play Bankstown is one of the better play centres that I have recently been. I loved the fact that it was very roomy, clean and that its menu offers healthy food.

My daughters are getting older, but they are still enjoying indoor playgrounds. How lucky am I?

What is your favourite indoor playground in Sydney?

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This article was supported by Kids World Playland – many thanks. All opinions are our own!

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