The Best 6 Buffets in Newcastle

Looking for the best buffets in Newcastle? Hey there, food-loving families! Picture this: you’re a parent with kids who have appetites as diverse as a rainbow. One wants nuggets all day, every day. Another is a fearless food explorer, always on the hunt for new flavours. And you? Well, you’re the adventurous eater, ready to devour anything that looks delicious!

Now, finding a restaurant that makes everyone happy can be a challenge. But fear not, we have a magic trick up our sleeves – all-you-can-eat buffets in New Castle! These places are like food playgrounds, where each family member can get their own favourite meal without any fuss.

As you enter the buffet wonderland, your little ones’ eyes sparkle with excitement. There’s fresh seafood, sizzling barbecues, aromatic Asian delights, and desserts to make you swoon. It’s a feast for the senses!

The Best Buffets in Newcastle for your kids!

Parents, you become food heroes, guiding your kids through this tasty adventure. You introduce them to new dishes, watch them try funny food faces, and see them light up with joy when they find something they love.

And the best part? It’s not just about eating; it’s about bonding! You all gather around the table, passing plates and creating memories with every bite. Laughter and love fill the air as you share stories and enjoy each other’s company.

No need to stress about picking the perfect spot. We’ve got you covered with our guide to the best buffets in New Castle. So put on your foodie hats, bring your hungry squad, and let’s dive into a world of flavour and fun. It’s time to feast, laugh, and make unforgettable memories together. Bon appétit, foodie families! Let’s get munching!

Eastern Tiger Restaurant

Are you ready to embark on a flavour-filled adventure that will leave your taste buds asking for more? Well, hold on tight because we’ve discovered a culinary treasure in Newcastle that’s about to steal your heart – the ‘All You Can Eat’ Asian Buffet at Cardiff RSL Club’s famous Eastern Tiger Restaurant!

“But wait,” you might ask, “isn’t this just a Chinese restaurant?” Oh, you’re in for a delightful surprise! While Eastern Tiger boasts an impressive selection of mouthwatering Chinese dishes, they’ve gone above and beyond to cater to every craving in your family. You’ll find a fantastic fusion of Australian-inspired dishes and sides that will have you drooling at the mere thought.

Roast carvery? Check! Pasta? Double check! Salads and sides that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy? Triple check! And let’s not forget the grand finale – the desserts that will transport you straight to a sweet paradise!

Now, let’s talk about the little foodies in your tribe. Are your kids picky eaters, afraid to venture beyond their chicken nugget kingdom? Well, this buffet is their passport to food exploration! With a wide array of delectable choices, they can ease into Asian cuisine at their own pace. 

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Start with some familiar flavours and then introduce them to new and exciting dishes step by step. Who can guess? They might just discover their new favourite food!

And the best part? It’s not just about the food; it’s a dining experience that brings your family together. From grandparents to tiny tots, everyone gets to pick their favourites and share the joy of eating together. Plus, with the enticing prices, you can indulge without breaking the bank!

As you step into the Eastern Tiger, you’ll be welcomed with warm smiles and hospitality that feels like home. So bring the whole family along, grab your photo I.D. (driver’s licence, photo card, or passport), and let’s dive into a culinary adventure like no other.

Whether you’re tantalising your taste buds with traditional Chinese delights or exploring the flavours of the land down under, this buffet restaurant has something for everyone. It’s an all-in-one experience that celebrates the beauty of Asian cuisine while offering a taste of home. 

So, let’s raise our chopsticks and toast to the joy of food, family, and unforgettable memories at the Eastern Tiger Restaurant. See you there, food explorers!


Hey there, food adventurers and meat lovers alike! Have you ever dreamt of discovering a hidden gem that will take your palate on a wild carnival ride? Well, look no further because we’ve uncovered the ultimate culinary treasure right in the heart of Newcastle – it’s none other than MEET restaurant!

Now, let me tell you, this place is more than just a restaurant; it’s a ticket to Brazil, the land of sizzling churrasco and mouthwatering delights. The team at MEET has crafted a menu that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Brazil, and every dish is like a symphony of flavours dancing on your tongue. You won’t find anything ordinary here; only the finest ingredients come together to create an extraordinary feast!

But hold on, meat enthusiasts, because we’re about to take it up a notch! MEET offers a churrasco experience that’ll make your taste buds tango with joy. Picture this: premium meats grilled to perfection, served table-side by expert servers. It’s a culinary dance that you won’t want to end!

For all you meat lovers out there, this is your meat heaven! The restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat option for beef, pork, and chicken at a steal of a price [at just $59]. So, if you’re not in a hurry and want to savour every delicious bite, this is the place to be. Trust me, you’ll be doing the happy meat dance!

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Oh, and parents, listen up! If you have little meat lovers in your tribe, MEET is the perfect place to introduce them to the wonders of Brazilian cuisine. It’s a carnival of flavours that will have them asking for more! From the bold tastes to the delightful textures, every bite is a delightful surprise that will leave your kids cheering for more.

And let me tell you, MEET isn’t just about the food; it’s an experience that will sweep you off your feet. The service is top-notch, with expert servers making you feel like royalty. The restaurant’s modern design and tech-savvy approach add an extra layer of excitement to your food adventure. You even get to download the menu to your phone – talk about being tech-savvy!

So, my fellow food adventurers, gather your hungry tribe and head straight to MEET restaurant. It’s a carnival of flavours, a dance of meat, and an unforgettable experience that will leave you and your kids smiling from ear to ear. 

Don’t miss this chance to savour the best of Brazilian cuisine right here in Newcastle. Let’s MEET at MEET and have a meaty good time!

Wharf 350 Bar & Restaurant

Hey there, early birds and breakfast enthusiasts! Are you ready to kickstart your day with a breakfast buffet experience that will make your taste buds sing with joy? Well, we’ve got a hidden gem that will take your morning ritual to a whole new level – Wharf 350 Bar & Restaurant at Rydges Newcastle!

Picture this: prime positioning on the Honeysuckle promenade, a breathtaking view of the harbour, and a buffet breakfast that’s an absolute feast for the senses. 

Wharf 350 knows how to pamper you from the moment you walk in. They’ve got all your old breakfast favourites, but wait, they’re not stopping there! Oh no, they’re adding a touch of morning luxury with an omelette or eggs-to-order station. Can you say, “Yum!”?

Parents, if you’re looking to treat your little ones to a breakfast experience fit for royalty, this is the place to be! Wharf 350’s signature Hot Breakfast Buffet is a morning attraction like no other. 

From the full hot breakfast that’ll keep those tiny tummies happy to the fresh fruit salads that burst with juicy goodness and the delicate breakfast pastries that’ll make them feel like breakfast royalty – there’s something for all ages to enjoy!

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But wait, there’s more! When the day winds down and dinner time approaches, Wharf 350 doesn’t disappoint. They have a modern Australian menu that’s all about fresh local produce, choice cuts, and seasonal ingredients. You can rest assured that every dish is crafted with love and a focus on bringing out the best flavours from their top-notch ingredients.

And let’s not forget the stunning view of Newcastle Harbor! What better way to enjoy a relaxing drink than overlooking the spectacular vista that Wharf 350 offers? It’s the best spot to unwind and savour the moment with family and friends.

Whether you’re a visitor to this charming city or a local looking for a go-to dining spot, Wharf 350 is a magnet for those seeking a diverse, seasonal, and locally sourced menu. 

So, set your alarms, gather your hungry tribe, and head straight to Wharf 350 Bar & Restaurant for a breakfast experience that’s nothing short of extraordinary. It’s time to indulge, experience luxury, and start your day on a delicious note. Bon appétit, breakfast lovers!


Hey there, foodie adventurers with a taste for the extraordinary! We’ve stumbled upon a dining oasis that will take your breakfast experience to new heights – Roadhouse at Crystalbrook Kingsley!

Imagine this: perched on the rooftop of one of Newcastle’s iconic buildings, Roadhouse boasts a vantage point that’ll leave you breathless. The views of the harbour, coastline, and beyond Hunter Valley are simply jaw-dropping. It’s like dining in the clouds, with a view fit for kings and queens!

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But let’s talk about the real star of the show – the food! Roadhouse at Crystalbrook Kingsley isn’t just any breakfast spot; it’s a buffet extravaganza that’ll have your taste buds doing the happy dance!

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just a regular breakfast affair; it’s an all-you-can-eat experience like no other. That’s right – a breakfast buffet that’ll make your morning dreams come true!

And here’s the best part: it’s a buffet, so you get to sample a delightful array of dishes, free of pomp or pretension. Every bite is a little surprise, a twinkle of flavour that’ll leave you wanting more. It’s a symphony of taste, and you get to be the conductor!

Now, parents, listen closely. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little ones to a luxury breakfast experience they’ll cherish forever. They’ll be wide-eyed with wonder as they feast on the abundance of choices. From the carefully crafted dishes to the incredible views, it’s a morning adventure they’ll never forget.

So, grab your plates, gather your hungry tribe, and head straight to Roadhouse for a breakfast buffet like no other. It’s time to indulge, explore, and savour every moment of this extraordinary dining experience. Bon appétit, buffet enthusiasts!

Texas Bar-B-Q Grill

Hey there, BBQ enthusiasts and flavour adventurers! Get ready to start on a taste journey that’ll have you drooling with delight. We’ve found a smoking hot spot that’s taking the BBQ Buffet game to a whole new level – Texas Bar-B-Q Grill at Wests Mayfield!

Now, picture this: a vast menu filled with slow-smoked ribs and wings that’ll have you licking your fingers in no time. Burgers so juicy and flavorful, they’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. 

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Pizzas that’ll transport you straight to BBQ heaven, and don’t even get us started on the prime-grade, hand-trimmed, naturally aged steaks that’ll melt in your mouth. Oh, and let’s not forget the classic steakhouse sides, seafood delights, and desserts that’ll make you say, “Yeehaw!”

And parents, listen up – this is your chance to introduce your little ones to the incredible world of Texas BBQ! They’ll be in for a flavour explosion like never before. From the mouth watering ribs to the finger-licking wings, it’s a BBQ feast fit for young cowboys and cowgirls!

But wait, there’s more – they have an all-you-can-eat Buffet option that’s definitely worth every penny. Your little foodies can dive into a buffet that’s filled with BBQ goodness, and trust us, they’ll come out with smiles as wide as the Texas sky!

So saddle up, gather your hungry posse, and head straight to Texas Bar-B-Q Grill. It’s time to indulge in BBQ greatness, Texas-style! Let the flavours take you on a journey that’ll have you hooting and hollering with delight. Bon appétit, BBQ lovers!

Blooming Garden

Hey, do you love Korean BBQ? If yes, then we’ve stumbled upon a Korean BBQ paradise that’ll have you shouting “Annyeonghaseyo” to the most mouthwatering buffet experience – Blooming Garden Premium Korean Restaurant!

Picture this: a blooming garden of flavours with the juiciest and most tantalising pork dishes that’ll make your taste buds dance with delight. From succulent pork options to try, you’ll be in hog heaven! And oh, let’s not forget the star of the show – the wagyu beef that’s sure to make your heart skip a beat.

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But hold on, the magic doesn’t stop there! Brace yourself for the pièce de résistance – the heavenly Kimchi that’ll transport you straight to the streets of Seoul. The taste is as real as it gets, and you’ll find yourself saying “omo” with every delectable bite!

Now, let’s talk about the buffet of dreams! Blooming Garden offers an all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ experience that’ll leave your taste buds thanking you. It’s not just about the BBQ; they’ve got salads and other mouthwatering dishes to delight your senses.

Parents, listen closely – this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your little food adventurers to the wonders of Korean BBQ. They’ll be in for a treat, with a generous selection of marinated meats to cook themselves at the table. It’s a BBQ adventure like no other!

But that’s not all – the service is as friendly as can be, and the prices are so reasonable it’s like a gift from the BBQ gods. With plenty of pre-made dishes to choose from, your kids will be in foodie heaven.

So, gather your hungry tribe and head straight to Blooming Garden Premium Korean Restaurant. It’s time to indulge in real Korean BBQ magic with a buffet spread that’s fit for royalty. Let the flavours whisk you away to Korea’s culinary wonders, and savour every moment of this unforgettable dining experience. Annyeong, BBQ enthusiasts!

Unleash Your Inner Foodie at Newcastle’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffets! 

Hey there, foodie families and adventurous eaters! Next time you’re on the hunt for the perfect dining experience that caters to everyone’s taste buds, look no further than our carefully curated list of all-you-can-eat buffets in Newcastle. It’s time to embark on a flavour-filled journey with your hungry tribe and create memories that will last a lifetime.

 From the little ones who crave their nuggets to the brave food explorers seeking new culinary horizons, our list has got you covered. Each buffet is a food playground where every family member can find their favourite meal without any fuss. It’s the ultimate secret weapon to conquer even the pickiest eaters!

So why go for ordinary dining when you can have an extraordinary buffet experience? Let your kids feast their eyes on mouthwatering dishes, from sizzling barbecues to exotic Asian delights, and indulge in heavenly desserts that’ll leave them smiling from ear to ear.

The best part? It’s not just about the food – buffets are a chance for the whole family to bond over shared plates, laugh together, and create priceless memories. The joy of eating together knows no bounds as you explore diverse flavours and experience the magic of food.

So what are you waiting for?

Don’t wait any longer – take your kids out to explore these buffets next time you go out to eat. It’s a chance for them to try new cuisines, delights in their favourite dishes, and create cherished memories with the whole family. Bon appétit, foodie families! Let the feast of a lifetime begin!

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