The Best 12 Things to Do With the Family in Manchester: Full Guide

Great Things to do with the family in Manchester

Greetings, fellow adventurers! Imagine a city that’s a bit like Mary Poppins’ bottomless bag – Manchester, a place teeming with surprises and endless family fun. This bustling metropolis is more than just a thriving industrial hub; it’s a captivating playground for all ages. Whether you’re a local Mancunian or a wandering traveler, we’re about to embark on a whimsical journey through the coolest, most delightful experiences Manchester has to offer when you’re exploring with your loved ones.

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GreatThings to do with the family in Manchester

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1. Museum of Science and Industry: Time Travel Without the Doc Brown

Why hop into a DeLorean when you can visit Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry? It’s like stepping back in time without the flux capacitor. Get ready to immerse yourself in the glory of the Industrial Revolution. You’ll hear the clanks, smell the coal, and wonder how we’ve gone from steam engines to smartphones. MOSI is like a TARDIS of history, complete with interactive exhibits that are as fun as a barrel of monkeys.

2. Jodrell Bank: A Cosmic Picnic

A short drive away by airport taxi from the city is Jodrell Bank Observatory – a place where stargazing isn’t just for dreamers and astronomers. It’s like a cosmic picnic with the enormous Lovell Telescope as your backdrop. Explore the mysteries of the universe, complete with interstellar workshops. You can even pretend you’re on a spaceship and discover the boundless wonders of the cosmos, without the need for spacesuits and tangy astronaut food.

3. Legoland Discovery Center: Where LEGO Dreams Come True

For all those who never outgrew their LEGO phase, the Legoland Discovery Center is a plastic paradise. Build your dream city, explore a 4D cinema, and be amazed by a LEGO replica of Manchester – yes, the whole city! It’s like your chance to be an architect, and you don’t even have to know what a protractor is.

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4. Heaton Park: Nature’s Playground

Book an AtoB airport transfer, grab your picnic basket and your wellies because Heaton Park is the Disneyland of green spaces. You can hop on a boat, frolic with the animals on the farm, or stroll through gardens, woodlands, and lakes. It’s nature’s playground, but without the queue lines and overpriced churros.

5. John Rylands Library: The Real Hogwarts

Ever wished you could attend Hogwarts? While you won’t find Professor Snape lurking in the shadows, the John Rylands Library is the next best thing. This neo-Gothic wonderland is a bibliophile’s fantasy come true, filled with ancient texts and magical history. No need for Floo Powder or a Sorting Hat – just grab a library card.

6. National Football Museum: Back of the Net

If you’ve got a family full of football fans, the National Football Museum is your goal. From legends’ memorabilia to interactive exhibitions, it’s a celebration of the sport that’s more like a religion here. Ever wanted to test your penalty skills? Take an airport taxi and do it here, minus the roar of the crowd and the scrutiny of VAR.

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7. The People’s History Museum: Where History Gets Real

In a city known for its labor and suffrage movements, The People’s History Museum introduces young minds to the important lessons of history. It’s an eye-opener where you can learn about democracy, protest, and social change – all without boring lectures and dusty textbooks.

8. Greater Manchester Police Museum: Unleash Your Inner Detective

If you’ve got a Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot fan in your midst, the Greater Manchester Police Museum is a hidden gem. With police cells, handcuff collections, and a truckload of crime-fighting history, it’s like stepping into a crime novel, minus the murder mysteries and melodramatic monologues.

9. Chill Factore: Snow Business in the City

Manchester isn’t exactly famous for ski resorts, but Chill Factore brings the snow to the city. Whether you’re a snowboarding pro or a novice, this indoor snow center is the place for you. You can carve up the slopes or just have a snowball fight. It’s like a winter wonderland, without the frostbite.

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10. Whitworth Art Gallery: Art from the Heart

For a touch of culture and serenity, Whitworth Art Gallery is your haven. It’s like a secret garden for art lovers. You can stroll through galleries, explore exhibitions, and even join in interactive activities and workshops. Come to this place using an AtoB airport transfer where creativity flows like a river.

11. Bridgewater Canal: A Slice of Serenity

When you need a breather from the urban hustle and bustle, the Bridgewater Canal is the place to be. Take a boat trip or enjoy a leisurely stroll along the towpath. It’s a break from the city that’s as soothing as a spa day, minus the cucumber slices.

12. Play Factore: Energy Unleashed

When the kids need to burn off steam, Play Factore comes to the rescue. This indoor play center is like a caffeine shot for children. With slides, trampolines, and laser tag, they’ll be bouncing off the walls. It’s where they can play until they drop, leaving the grown-ups wondering if they’ve got what it takes to keep up.

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In a city as diverse as Manchester, there’s no shortage of family fun. From time-traveling at MOSI to belting-in goals at the National Football Museum, Manchester’s got it all. So, pack your bags, book your Manchester airport taxi, dive into the Mancunian spirit, and set out on a family adventure that’s as legendary as the city itself. In Manchester, the fun is more guaranteed than the British weather, and it’s a journey you’ll cherish for years to come. Manchester – where the past and future collide, and family fun is always on the agenda.

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