10 Date Ideas to Keep the Relationship Alive

Sometimes life just gets in the way. 

With work commitments, looking after kids and generally doing all those little jobs that need to get done, relationships can often get stuck in a rut. 

Whether you are married or have been dating for a while, it is important to keep the connection going by spending quality time with your significant other. 

That said, keeping a relationship alive and thriving requires plenty of effort, time, and attention. But thankfully, there are several fun and creative date ideas you can do with your partner that allow you to connect and have lots of experiences together.

If you find yourself looking for ways to prevent the spark from fizzling out in your relationship, here are ten date ideas that can help keep it strong and exciting. 

Go for a romantic meal 

Go for a romantic meal

Food is an excellent way to bring people together. So why not have a night off from cooking and enjoy a romantic meal? 

There is nothing better than dressing up and going to a fancy restaurant, especially if you order a genre of cuisine you might not ordinarily have at home. 

To make it a really special occasion consider booking somewhere that offers a degustation menu. 

Alternatively pick somewhere with a terrific view or location, and if possible request a quiet table by a fireplace or one that is outside under lights. 

It would also be worth organising a taxi to and from the venue, or better still a limousine! That way you can ride in comfort, and also both enjoy a couple of drinks as well. 

Have a Picnic 

Have a Picnic

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a romantic meal out, or you prefer something low-key, consider going on a picnic. 

The beauty of picnics is that they can also incorporate a bit of a drive and can take place anywhere that offers a scenic view. Such as a lake, beach or mountainous area. 

A picnic is a terrific way to enjoy a change of scenery, get some vitamin D and spend quality time with your partner. You can also pack a basket with all your favourite snacks, sandwiches, cakes and drinks and either set it up on a blanket or use a picnic table. 

You can even make more of a day of it by bringing along music and books or going for a walk afterwards. 

Visit a winery 

Visit a winery

Australia is blessed with some world-class wineries, most of which make very romantic places to visit. 

Often situated in stunning landscapes of rolling hillsides or vast, open terrain, wineries are great places to visit for a date. 

As well as allowing you to taste their wines and visit their cellar doors, most offer excellent cafes or restaurants onsite. Typically these serve up delicious meals and charcuterie boards that champion the best in local produce. 

In addition, they also provide fantastic accommodation in which to stay overnight, sometimes with nice extras like bathtubs with a view and back decks or fire pits where you can sit under the stars. 

Throughout Australia there are several noted wine regions, including the Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley and various parts of Tasmania. 

If you are able to spend a couple of days at any of them, you’ll have plenty of time to re-ignite the passion in your relationship. 

Couples Spa 

Couples Spa

If you and your partner both work hard and have busy lives, why not consider enjoying a couples spa for your next date night? 

Depending on where you go, this can take several forms, including a sauna, massage and varying pampering treatments. 

You can also choose to swim in a pool, relax in a hot tub or sunbathe on lounge chairs. Additionally, you can even enjoy a lovely meal if there is a food option onsite. 

If you have had a busy working week or a particularly tough period in your life, a couples spa can be a terrific way to reconnect with your partner. 

Take a Dance Class 

Take a Dance Class

Remember in your early twenties when you used to go dancing every week? How much fun was that? 

Well, why not channel that idea for your next date night by taking a dance class with the love of your life? 

As well as being fun, enjoyable and a good way to stay fit, dancing can be an act of intimacy. So, whether you are into salsa, tango, hip hop or line dancing, learning new moves can be a great way to get close and feel the rhythm together. 

If you plan on getting married in the not too distant future, you can even use these moves to impress your friends at your upcoming wedding. 

Go to a Drive-in or Outdoor Movie 

You may well watch movies on a regular basis at home, but why not take it up a level? 

Drive-in movies are an excellent date option as they offer a unique way to watch films from the comfort of your car. 

Alternatively, if you do not have one near where you live, there could well be an outdoor movie theatre you could go to. 

Sometimes these show new releases, although more often than not, it’s a classic. However, there is no doubt this is a fabulous alternative to watching Netflix at home. 

Go to a Comedy Club 

Go to a Comedy Club

There is an old saying that ‘if you laugh together, you love together’. So what better place to go for date night than a comedy club? 

On any given night of the week, there is a comedy club near you that will present a range of stand-up comedians. So why not treat yourself and your partner to an evening of fun and giggles? 

If you enjoy the performance, you’ll both be in a good mood for the rest of the night, and your bond will no doubt strengthen as you recall some of the funnier one-liners delivered by the comedians. 

Get Creative 

Get Creative

Creative expression is vital for everyone. So, if you don’t have the time to do it during your week, it is a good idea to incorporate it into your date nights. 

Whether it be pottery making, cooking, recording a song together or participating in Paint and Picasso, you can have a lot of fun and gain plenty of satisfaction from being creative. 

It also helps you form and maintain healthy relationships, especially if you are making something together. 

Go for a Beach Walk 

Go for a Beach Walk

One of the most romantic yet often overlooked date ideas is a simple walk on the beach. 

The opportunity to walk hand-in-hand with your partner whilst drinking coffee, generally talking and enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery, is the perfect way to reconnect. 

You can also break up the walk by cuddling up on the sand, possibly under a palm tree and watching the waves roll in. 

If you don’t have a beach near you, consider hiking in your nearest national park, walking through fields or any other accessible landscape of natural beauty.

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery 

Visit a Museum or Art Gallery

Visiting a museum or art gallery can be a great way to learn something new together and appreciate art and culture. 

It is also a terrific date idea for when it is raining or the weather is cold. 

There are no doubt several museums or art galleries situated near where you live that should interest both you and your partner. So you should be able to spend the day exploring and discussing what you see. 

You can also, of course, grab a coffee or lunch at the museum cafe or nearby restaurant to enhance the experience.

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