10 Reasons We Chose A Springfree Trampoline

Well it took ten years but my kids finally wore out our Springfree Trampoline  It had been used almost every day over that ten years… the kids were devastated.

Springfree came to the rescue, letting us trial and review the new Large Square Smart Trampoline. It’s just like the big old one we had before – but smarter.

Here’s are the reasons you’ll find the twins – and the teenagers too and even me – out on that trampoline on a daily basis.


1. Springfree make the hardest wearing trampolines

They last much much longer than the other brands. How do I known this? Well, we had two cheaper trampolines pre-Springfree and neither lasted more than two or three years.


2. They are safer

When we had trampolines with springs with pads on top there were a few injuries. The Springfree has flexible composite rods below the jumping kids, which stopped those problems. The net is firmly attached to the trampoline all the way round with a Springfree, you simply cannot fall down the sides the way the kids did on one of our old, cheaper ones.  And it lasts the life of the trampoline. In comparison our cheaper old trampoline’s net never felt very secure at all and it totally fell apart within a year.



3. You can mix technology and exercise outdoors

The new Smart Trampolines have sensors on the mat which detect movement and connect to an iPad or other tablet. The tgoma app has all sorts of games which kids can play. My two love the Alien Stomp best.  There’s tgomaFit for we parents and the teens too.

If you worry that your kids don’t get out enough or spend too much time in front of screens then the tgoma is a way to sweeten the time outside for them. The games are fun and tailored to all levels of children and teenagers.


4.  You can bounce higher!

Seriously, the kids and I feel so safe inside the Springfree that we really go for it. We can see into the neighbour’s garden if we jump really high with all our might.


5.  The Springfree Trampoline takes up less space

Because they don’t have springs adding extra width all the space is for jumping. You still need a good amount of space around them, of course. This is important for safety with any trampoline.

6.  You can leave the trampoline outside rain or shine, hail or blistering heat

You don’t need to cover it up. Ours lasted through ten Aussie summers before the net needed replacing and some of the frame rusted a bit. Not bad going at all.


7.  It will wear out even the most active kids

My kids are super busy and physical, the trampoline is a great way to really wear them out… at least for a short while. The trampoline has always made the backyard an appealing place for them to be. They love the adrenaline rush of jumping.

8.  There are long warranties

If you register your trampoline the net and mat have a two year warranty, the frame and rods have eight years. If a component wears out or your trampoline gets damaged in a storm, Springfree can help with finding spare parts. Our Springfree easily lasted for ten years of being well-loved and jumped on all the time.  Our old cheap brand trampolines only lasted 2-3 years each and the warranty was much shorter.


9.  Adults can keep fit too

It doesn’t take more than two or three bounces to get my heart racing. Even a few minutes at a time has got to be really good for we adults.  Using the tgomaFit for a longer workout is, of course, even better.


10.  It’s family time outside

With the Smart Trampoline, each member of the family can take it in turns to play on their own tgoma profile. You can set up family competitions or even host a family Olympics or do a family challenge.  Or in my case, I can sit and have a cup of tea whilst the twins take turns to jump and play, then have a wee turn myself whilst they have a breather. The kids love me to video them so they can see how high they jump or how straight their legs can be.  Sometimes they video me… quite a shocker to watch back.



Here’s a 1:30 minute video on how the Smart Trampoline works from Springfree’s Youtube channel.

I’ve been rabbiting on to friends for years about Springfree being the best brand and now I’m doing so here on the blog. About time.

I know they are a big investment but if you are looking for quality, safety and a long-lasting trampoline, they are 100% worth the money IMHO.

My last top trampoline tip? Pay for an expert to set the trampoline up for you – it’s totally worth it.

Read more on the Springfree Trampoline website here.


Have you tried a Springfree?

What’s your trampoline top tip?

Happy jumping,

Seana x



Thank you Springfree for providing us with this trampoline to review and jump on! It’s been a pleasure to work with you, here’s to another ten years of safe family fun on our new Springfree.

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Posted on: January 25, 2017


  • Reply January 26, 2017

    Morag Smith

    Can I just say that the lack of springs and pads at the edges of the trampoline is a brilliant idea. Like you say will save on injuries. I have found that the pad can flip back and expose the springs, not great when bouncing around. Looks like a good quality trampoline. I am amazed at the Smart technology (being a bit of a technophobe)!! Whatever next. Not sure I like the links to Smart apps. I probably wouldn’t use or encourage that part. Aside from that trampolines are fantastic fun for everyone and great for burning up spare energy. Looks great.

    • Reply January 26, 2017

      Seana Smith

      We only have one iPad in the house, it’s my husbands, so the kids are not used to using them. I didn’t know if they’d get into the tgoma app and its games, but they did and they joyfully showed their friends how to use it and how to play the games – which are really active. So I’m all for it. My kids are active anyway, but for kids who need encouragement, I think the tgoma is a great sweetener.

      Quite agree on the dreaded springs!

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